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From: leslie harpold <>
Subject: Re: Night in Nijinsky

It took me this long to catch up on my surfing, but I wanted to say that was a really beautiful and well done piece, I really like the way the music was used as well, very ethereal and effective.

Now, this kind of takes away from the shameless praise you should be having heaped on your head - but - can I ask you what font that type was in? i really liked it.

(and who makes it if you know)

if not, that was still really gorgeous and elegantly executed.

leslie harpold
“the answer is there, but ‘there’ is not a
fixed position” - Fugazi


Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 06:26:11 -0800
From: Joe Crawford
Subject: Re: Night in Nijinsky

Bryan Wilhite wrote:

> “Night in Nijinsky”
> for your screening and comments please see

Very nice. subtle. elegant. Good transitions. About a minute and change of the “Loading” screen and then it moved along in its sly little way.


Perhaps put credit information up front while the sounds and such load? Just to minimize that “loading” screen.

Content wise, I like it and I’d like to see more like it.




From: “Frank Willbright” (
Subject: Your website....
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 10:16:48 -0400

Yo Black,

Your site is “off the hook”.....

...(that’s a good thing) <<smile>>

I really admire the writing in the “0.5 of Sistahs” section....It is thoroughly original. I have been writing for years, and I’ve been moving towards something very similar on my site, which I use as a testbed for new HTML shit. Right this minute it’’s a mess, because I’ve been playing with frames...just because. But I intend to add a “poetry bar” flava to my joint as well, and will be including extemporaneous prose in the same vein as what you have here.

..Anyway,...well done. I’m surprised you don’t have more hits on your counter. Your site is just fantastic.


“I freed thousands of slaves. I could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves” - Harriet Tubman

Frank D. Willbright III
Info To Go
Business Cards and Computer Consulting


Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 19:30:36 -0500
From: Doyle Calvert (
Subject: Just Excellent

Heya, Bryan!

I checked out your site from a mention of it on the Flasher mailing list.


I’ve been thinking of putting some of my lyrics and poems up on my site using Flash. Seeing your site inspires me to get on with it. I’m a long time Director user, with a whole bunch of other skills... Lightwave, Canvas, Photoshop, Painter, Performer,etc. Been doing pro multimedia for the past 10 years. I just got Flash. The possibilities seem endless.

And tho it shouldn’t matter, I want you to know that I’m a 40 year old white guy who, like you, started with nothing. And I just dug the shit out of how effectively you used your combined skills, both artistic and technical.

Keep it up.

—> Doyle Calvert Synergistic MultiMedia
—> Lightwave 3D, Director, Shockwave, PhotoShop, Painter, Canvas, Flash
—> Interactive programming, 2D & 3D animation, graphics, & web design
—> “Whiskey” on irc channel #lightwave
—> Website


Date: Wed, 11 Jun 97 09:52:49 -0700
From: Rachel Bachman (
Subject: Re: A couple of basic Flash questions.

Dang! If you are gonna put naked folks in your stuff will you please warn us!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is in response to “0.5 the Sisters” now playing in the binary space.


Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 07:45:35 +0100
From: Jeff Bowermaster (
Organization: Splat! Graphics
Subject: huh?


Love your background. Bookmarked your page. Minor correction needed here:

“0.5 the Sisters”

Okay folks. This is what you are going to do. Look at your computer screen. It should be at least a VGA resolution of 800×600. Look up at the upper left-hand corner of your computer screen. You should see a stylized lower case “e” in blue on black. This means you are using MS Internet Explorer. This is good. If you see a white “N” stepping in the black in front of a green horizon this means you are a Netscape user. This is satisfactory (see note below). Now please scroll down this window while I hope you have a sound card.

On my browser, the icons are located on the upper right-hand corner of my screen.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Sorry about the dyslexic typo. We fixed that particular error. Thank you very much.


Subj: New Art SIte
Date: 97-05-06 12:02:06 EDT
From: (Fabio Ciucci)

Hello, I liked your art site. I am the webmaster of a new art site, that feature a Java paint program where visitors can paint realtime and save to the gallery. All the paintings are saved in the virtual gallery and stay exposed forever. Every month 3 awards are assigned to the best paintings by the official Jury of the Institute of the Arts of Lucca (Italy). Please look at the gallery, that feature some really good paintings:

Another particularity is the instruction page that is translated in 20 languages. I hope to see paintings submit by you too. I will be happy if you will add AnfyPaint in your links section... The official name is: “AnfyPaint, the interactive virtual gallery” Maybe I can link back your site? A note: if you want enhance the graphic aspect of your site, you can freely use some of my applets, check them on:

Regards, Fabio Ciucci

* Fabio Ciucci : Graphic artist & Cgi/Java programmer *
* Check my java: **


Subj: Re: huh?
Date: 01/16/97

I understand where you are coming from when you desire that the world should come together as one homogeneous society. But I assume that most of the images we have are kind of Star-Trek-Federation-like, eh? What would be cooler would be a smaller fractured village world run by loose alliances between familes. We would be bound materially by trade and spiritually with a “core culture” based on the True God. Unfortunately there is no reliable man-made test for the True God so we are kind of stuck.

Technology should become more humble subservient to nature: buildings built into the side of moiuntains; hyper-elegant recycling systems; sleek, light solar-powered vehicles. Yes, there would be many modern conveniences but there would be many requirements on the citizens of this world to participate in this civilisation (e.g. not many large people could ride in a sleek solar-powered car; not many thoughtless people would recycle properly). In the old days if you were dysfunctional, you were “killed off” by nature itself. Now, we depend on violent assholes to do it —regardless of your functionality.

The home office of the future, in my mind is very much like the loom in the homes of many pre-Columbian Africans and many pre-industrial-age Europeans.


Subj: Re: huh?
Date: 97-01-15 20:58:29 EST
From: (Jeffrey W. Wall)


thanks for replying,

I guess I must say, “yes and no”

I’m not convinced that western style industrial thinking is ever going to change - at least not here in the west. Unfortunately, our society in its current incarnation with technology the way it is, is extremely pervasive.

Societies throughout the world are becoming more and more westernized whether they like it or not. This can be seen as both good and bad. Good in the sense that it can lead to a more homogenized society that if taken to its literal extreme should lead to the end of racism.

However, we know that will never happen. More likely, the negative aspects will show up (and already are), and what I mean is that our (western) view is not compatible with 2/3 of the world as it is now. It leads to a “fracturization” (is that a word?) of traditional societies with a loss of national identity and self worth. Why else would we be seeing such a level of strife in the world right now - from Bosnia to Chechnya to Rwanda we are seeing peoples trying to take back their birth right?

Unfortunately it is happening violently,not peacefully. Is there room for “westernization” in the world, yes, but it must be tailored carefully to the needs of the society already in place. And no it may not work even under those conditions.

However, in this world of increasing connectivity, mobility, communication, and change I see no way that this juggernaut can be stopped, and unfortunately the losers are us.

So much for the world view. As far as our own country (you are in the U.S right?), I see us disintegrating into a vast conglomeration of fractal groups. Instead of growing together we are moving apart, instead of emphasizing how similar we are, we are emphasizing our differences - this only leads to distrust, hatred and racism.

My ethnic heritage is Irish and Italian - but I do not call myself an Irish American, an Italian American or even a White American, just call myself American. I was born here, I was raised here and I live here, I have been socialized into american society. It makes no sense to me emphasize my differncesfrom anyone [american} else. This is our home and we are destroying it. So those are my thoughts, intersting discussion.

seeya on the TSML,


P.S. yes there is room for Luddites in today’s world, who else will there be
to protect where we come from or at least the memory of it.
Jeffrey W. Wall M.D.
Wally’s World


Subj: huh?
Date: 97-01-14 21:45:03 EST
From: (Jeffrey W. Wall)

“If you accept the permanence of ‘whiteness’ (the Greco-Roman cultural propaganda perfected by 19th-century industrial Europe)”

can you explain that a little further? I’m serious here, not just some white guy trying to pick a fight.

Jeff Wall


Subj: Re: huh?
Date: 01/14/97

Thanks for the response. We humans can be responsible. As for the permanance of whiteness,” I am trying develop some explicit language to effectively discuss this issue. Since you are saying “huh?” my plan seems to have failed.

What I am trying to say that just like the fall Rome so to will there be a fall of Western-style industrial thinking. I am basically sympathizing with a few Luddite views (if you can’t find anything really, really bad to say about Henry Ford then you don’t know where I’m coming from).

As for the “Greco” stuff I am saying that the Greek concept of the individual (and —worse than that— the ideal individual) has a few really, really bad points. Yes, to idealize brings beautiful mathematics and the abstraction needed for many sciences, but on the other hand it also leads to this thing called “racism.” But then to speak of “race” plays the game of industrial accountants trying to measure and categorize humanity like football teams in a profitable franchise. So I avoid this by trying to use new language— I think it more precise.

Perhaps I am wrong?


Subj: Great stuff, but . . .
Date: 97-01-03 22:35:24 EST
From: (James C Jones II)

Great stuff, but could you PLEASE tell us the file length before we download it? For me personally it lets me calculate how much time I have.


James C Jones II (
Infinite Savant Publishing, Online Comics And More
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