Thinking about You and Your High Flying Ways

©2007 Joseph Mayo Wristen
She was looking into the mirror
watching the shadow reflections
of her feelings images of places
and faces remembering those in her life
who had taken the time to know her.
My dancing flirting ballroom lady
applying a little touch of blush to her face
the motherly eyes of a woman
who has taken great pride in being a free thinker and caring out
the responsibilities of raising her children
she focuses on living in the present
excepting the pains of the past along
with it’s pleasures always looking forward
to experiencing the next tomorrow.
There are so many things about her that I love.
Like yesterday when we were taking a walk
in the park and we stopped at this bench
along the river that sits across from the Amphitheater.
There was this couple walking by on their way
to the Japanese Garden they were holding hands
these two Pigeons who were playing by the bench 
collecting the Sunflower seeds someone had left them.
This Mullan plant was wrestling with the wind
while these two squirrels were running up and down
this old Oak tree chasing after one another—
it was a very surreal moment. 

Then like she does sometimes
from out of nowhere
she looks straight into my eyes 
and asks me what my intentions are towards her.

I know I have to answer her
I tell her we’re a couple
like everyone else here visiting the Park today. 

Then she stands up and yells across the park 
to the couple that’s just walked by.
“you two look very happy.”
The woman smiles back at her
just like she knew exactly
what was happening between us. 

Then she sat back down next to me
closer than before and looks right into my eyes
“when I was looking into the mirror this morning
doing my makeup for the first time
in along time I actually realized that
I’m getting older and I asked myself if I thought
I was going to have someone to share the rest of my life with”
I asked her if she was proposing. 
She smiled back at me
but I could see she was more serious this time.
I understood what she wanted 
This woman
who had never asked me
for anything but my friendship 
was now asking me for something much more
I told myself to take a minute and think it through.

I told her we should see a Play
over the weekend have dinner
and discuss this afterwards if she still wanted to.

She pressed my hand tightly 
then she asked me if I wanted a glass of wine 
before going over to her place.

Never once asking me to explain myself
never once elaborating on our conversation. 
I’ve been here before in relationships and failed 
but in my heart I hope I can commit to her honestly.
I could never lie to her
she’s been there too many times for me when I have needed her.
I’ll wake up tomorrow with her lying next to me
knowing how I feel when I’m with her.
I can’t help wanting to be there for her
she understands me so well and she is so much apart of life.

I know that the future with her would be an exciting one
but like I said
I’ve been here before and failed 
and marriage 
well I just don’t know. 

Maybe after a few days alone I’ll be able to figure it out.
Maybe I’ll be able to tell her 
I love her
and like two stargazers 
traveling together through time
we were meant to be together.

We’ll see what happens.
Who knows maybe I will marry her. 

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