With the assistance of my FaceBook friend, Bob Holman (Mouthalmighty Records), I have learned that Sekou Sundiata’s The Blue Oneness of Dreams is now owned by Mercury Records. Over the years, Bob had to tell me twice that this was the case—merely an indicator of my dense denial.

Sekou Sundiata is a foundational inspiration for the kinté space. He has been my personal teacher in absentia for years—and only now, at this writing, do I realize that he was a professional teacher—with none other than Ani DiFranco as one of his students at New York City’s New School. Her talent and public persona lead me to conclude that his other significant body of work Long Story Short, released by Ani’s Righteous Babe Records is in a better place.

Meanwhile, here in the kinté space, we only have YouTube.com. We collect five selections from YouTube.com that capture the awesome power of Sekou Sundiata. Importantly, Katea Stitt, the manager and friend of Sekou Sundiata, is featured here reading his work. I fear that without YouTube.com seeing this event would not be possible.


kateJB2 presents “Come On And Bring On The Reparations” and “Amman”

grdodge presents “Sekou Sundiata at the 2006 Dodge Poetry Festival”

riphotpotatomash presents “Sekou Sundiata on Bill Moyers Journal July 20, 2007”

splitthisrock presents “Katea Stitt Reads ‘Open Heart’ By Sekou Sundiata”