untitled sun

©2004 Timeka Drew
the narcosis of my heart lulls the pain
memories cannot bring forth the words to describe
the pain filling with emptiness
the death of hope
resolve as fickle as the sun through the filth over the ocean
never rely on being strong enough to burn through
within I retreat to meet the frigid tides

thoughtless breath

©2004 Timeka Drew
he leaves me to rest
I fear he sees
death imitating life here

I smile,
with the coming of the breeze
I apperceive
reality incessantly unseen

intentional suffocation

©2004 Timeka Drew
yearning for the dearth of pain cradled in silence,
revealed in the steady dullness of the air
it does not burn bright
the atmosphere embraces the disease
it enters as it swims around me
I cannot escape it although I do not breathe

momentary retrospection

©2004 Timeka Drew
the pain rings silent
your heart runs cold but you hold me close
disgust you own because it is me you chose
I will endure
all halcyon when eyes are closed
we are and will forever be
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