“How I’d Describe Myself in 25 Words, or Less”

©2002 Devin Davis
As an unfine filter
that will not strain
a life-full of pulp

First Vegan Impressions

©2002 Devin Davis
Paul is dead,
and feel
I’m a shy third beatle

with his simplicity
of the first wheel
he just needs to roll

on that busted hissing train
you’re a punk-feminist
Jacqueline Kerouac

riding faithful
that desperate rail on a straight steel line,
to know how experience fits in the now

An old non-gymnast
judge(d) against
an olympic gold medalist’s routine

34 &20
14 years that are un-even bars at fifty-four
but, what does the numerology of our score mean?

Your internal amazon woman stands guard
while a girl studs her own heart
drawn from down inside the well of those pen-and-ink clothes.

And your rad ha’r
is yin for yang,
zigged then zagged

Here are my cutters, torn lips chain-linked
to your explicitly pierced face. this close,
it’s hard to find even your reddest acne cute

Malicious attitude spills truthful
tongue-locked, held by that delicious smile
how many years can I avoid your forbidden food?

Judas My Eyes

©2002 Devin Davis
dying to ask why
I resist
my fear of psychology
afraid you’ll scare easily away
this has me pacing restless
‘cause masturbation doesn’t help
it’s over you too soon
can I really be so very messed up?

stop! you said, don’t feel this thing
I think you’re wrong
to need belief in beauty,
but only want the gist of feeling it–
a patience that’s impossible
and, I will probably find
glad frustration
waiting brings on

should there be lasting hope
for you to come ’round
while I suffer gurgling internal circles again
a disturbance made by flat-shaped stones
that skip across a belly-full of beer
more ripples than last weekend,
before that time you left here
as a friend of mine.

these thorns in my eyes
return kisses
for your rope scar.
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