why sienna beats burnt umber

©2008 Devin Davis
all the brown color-
crayons are broken
in their equal boxes.
these shades made
dark as peasant flesh
unpink in their religion.
makes a lot of green
to grow coffee bean
in her sharpener.

hear you’re working class

©2008 Devin Davis
your racist humor
which isn't, funny to me,
i wonder …
could you once, so
couldn't you, again?
with the casual charm
of any gentleman,
in his tight, drafty manor
lost in this foulness
on the clap of an excused burp.
nothing good
runs clean
very often.

this grass mat

©2008 Devin Davis
spiral of my
chinese incense tree
burns near 24 hours
too illustrate,
each day that's wasted.

Chicks Dig Scars

©2008 Devin Davis
free-styling this evening
being shelia kenevel
trapped in the blazing wreck of a man
kept moist
and blistered
horribly disfigured.
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