LoveNot Love

©2000 Annie Vox/Bastard Child Music
Tell me what I want
Tell me what I need
You Love Me
Tell me it’s for my own good
that every sentence of yours
starts with “you should”
You Love Me
Tell me that you can’t believe
that I’m gonna leave the house in this dress
You Love Me
Talk to me in that ohsospecial and snide tone of voice
like I’m an idiot
You Love Me
Tell me that once again I have disappointed you
Tell me that no one would put up with my shit the way that you do
Because You Love Me
You Love Me

Tell me after you move in
that you’re in love with your best friend
that you had an Open Sexual Voyage together
and you’d like to do it again
Choke me with a tube top
Leave me at Disney without a ride home
and sell my dog for beer money
You love me

And I never did like your expense-accounting Nordstrom hipster friends
with their false gaiety habitual 
and dim sum Sunday ritual 
and clever ways of rationalizing their affiliations with the NRA
and they didn’t like me
but they put up with me
Cause You Love Me

Tell me what I want
Tell me what I need
Tell me if I sell my soul
My life will fall into place
and if I’d just quit being myself
I could kiss your ass
to see your face
You Love Me
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