“Arlene Wandera—DAK’ART 2014 [@DakArtBiennale]” and other Twinks…

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Great folks found in Dakar: Camille Turner, @afrofuturist performance artist

Like the greed-filled rube that I am, when I go to an arts festival in Africa, I expect to speak to hundreds of artists. After actually doing it, I realize that I really, really don’t speak French and I failed to attend every DAK’ART 2014 vernissage—the meet-and-greets after sundown (I had an unreasonable fear of mosquitos—and they were out of season). So it turns out that, within my fortnight abroad, I had only one, non-interview-related conversation with an artist—that artist was Camille Turner. It also turns out that a conversation with Camille Turner might actually be worth travelling halfway around the world to have. Here is Camille performing Miss Canadiana in 2011:


Not only is she graceful, intelligent, stunning and engaging, Camille’s journalistic coverage of DAK’ART 2014 in Blog posts and pictures was far better than mine as well—because sisters from Canada are awesome! (Most of my human contact in the form of interesting conversation in Dakar was completely dominated by Afro-Jamaican-Canadian women.) During our much cherished conversation, Camille showed me stills from what I now know as her performance called “The Final Frontier”—it is a wonderful, 21st-century variation of P-Funky specially-designed Afronauts, capable of funkatizing galaxies (with Dogon Spanish-Castle Magic):

Granada, Spain at Alhambra palace.

Since Camille surely has interesting meetings all of the time (in contrast to my 18 years locked down in corporate America), it may help to remind her where I met her, just in case she has time to read this: I met Camille on the day my hotel swimming pool closed down. I walked to Camille’s hotel (based on the desk recommendation) and met her sitting in the lobby. I recognized her from a previous meeting and quickly basked in her warmth for an incredible 30 minutes or so until some intense professorial-looking guy showed up clearly to meet her in the lobby (see what I mean!). After a few soulful niceties were exchanged by all, I went on to my midday pool time. Thanks Camille!

“The journey of a performance artist who danced for Nelson Mandela and the age of 8 [@another_africa]” and other Twinks…

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the kinte space [KinteSpace] before the word went mainstream in the 1930s, “hobo” referred to “hoe boys”, young, Black, teenaged farming migrant workers ..never “lazy”

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Great folks found in Dakar: Luc DaSilva, xaritufoto.org

Like a character in a classic Hollywood, like Casablanca, the Senegalese house of cuisine, Restaurant Le Bideew, played the backdrop of yet another memorable meeting. The French conversation at the next table eventually came our way and I found Luc DaSilva, president of XARITU FOTO, presiding over a world-class collection of photography. He was extremely gracious and generous, showing me photos of Louis Armstrong (with Luc’s father), Josephine Baker and a host of classic luminaries:

Luc daSilva: XARITU FOTOLuc daSilva: XARITU FOTOLuc daSilva: XARITU FOTOLuc daSilva: XARITU FOTOLuc daSilva: XARITU FOTOLuc daSilva: XARITU FOTO

Translated by Google: “Nonprofit organization, founded August 31, 2010 in Dakar, Senegal, XARITUFOTO ‘Friends of the picture’ promotes [the] African photographer in his relationship to the memory and history of Africa.”

“…the new digitally remastered edition of ILLUSIONS by @JulieDash” and other Twinks…

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the kinte space [KinteSpace] . @OfBlackCulture melanin is throughout the body..there’s even neuro-melanin..the mass majority of the universe is dark matter..

AfricanEmpress [OfBlackCulture] @KinteSpace Thank you for spreading the knowledge

the kinte space [KinteSpace] @ipetisut it is an error to write in Roman lettering things a Roman would never understand..ISMU (symbols) are not alphabetical

Nnedi Okorafor, PhD [Nnedi] The number of times my tweets are taken out of context seems to be increasing. >_<. Ppl are lazy.

the kinte space [KinteSpace] when writing “MAAT” remember that the language you are using is not designed for what you are trying to say

the kinte space [KinteSpace] some ancient languages don’t have a word like “bad” because life was never meant to be so “bad” a word would be needed for it

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