“@MrChuckD ‘Government Agencies’ Found Guilty in Martin Luther King’s Assassination” and other Twinks…

Corrupt Nation [Otiose_murders] @MrChuckD “Government Agencies” Found Guilty in Martin Luther King’s Assassination | Global Research : http://t.co/pCYYVBU1MW

stacia l. brown [slb79] My tweets have been 99% #Ferguson since Aug. 9. They’ll stay that way until the ppl aren’t in imminent danger & Darren Wilson is arrested.

Political Nerd [Sttbs73] All white panel on #morningjoe discussing what black folk in #Ferguson are going through! Oh LORD!

ABM [AngryandBlack] No way he gets shot on the under side of his forearm and bicep and almost under his armpit, unless his hands we’re up like witnesses said!

Dr. Peniel E. Joseph [PenielJoseph] How Ferguson Has Exposed a Civil Rights Generational Divide http://t.co/WQPDQkv7FD via @TheRoot @MichaelEDyson @YohuruWilliams

Sarah Okafor ✌️ [Femininja4Q] Tired of having to prove why black lives matter to white people who’ve shown us, thanks to history, that they do not care.

the kinte space [KinteSpace] “hope” is also a non-progressive, non-developmental activity used to describe what people should non-do in captivity #Ferguson

A Soldier of the Art [SelinaNBrown] Revolution will begin when black people love themselves completely and reject society representation of them.

netert hetheru ☥ [ipetisut] white people need to grow up, stop the white greed, build sustainable… I don’t want to babysit irresponsible white people all my life

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Institutional Racism in Ferguson? First Black School Chief Speaks Out After Forced Resignation – You https://t.co/ncw3tr6pzR

BlackHistoryStudies [BlkHistStudies] Fight Racism/White Supremacy with Solidarity #FredHampton #BlackPantherParty #Umoja #Unity #Revolution http://t.co/P0EKbu9ENi

Dave Winer ☮ [davewiner] Adam Carolla Settles with the Patent Trolls. http://t.co/NB1irjqNZA

The Kitchenista [MissAngelaDavis] God bless all of y’all having to make it through the corporate office work week while this shit is going on. Couldn’t be me.

Jordan [JMYChi] When white folks say they aren’t racist cause they have black friends, this is that friend. http://t.co/ujPnH45k2a

Davey D [mrdaveyd] Top Ten Sins of Omission from James Brown’s Biopic by Rickey Vincent http://t.co/heyNAZnx1R #funk #soul http://t.co/XZ6X3hqxqx

the kinte space [KinteSpace] the last thing Custer heard at Little Big Horn was a scream just the ones in The Big Payback #therealjamesbrown

the kinte space [KinteSpace] what is also interesting about #therealjamesbrown is his indigenous American roots mixed in with the African..famous Asiatic bfr Tiger Woods

the kinte space [KinteSpace] #therealjamesbrown: I’M A MAN! I’m the son of a man. I don’t take of ya’ then Poppa can!

The Crisis Magazine [thecrisismag] “The media is the most powerful entity on earth, they have the power to make the innocent guilty & to make the guilty innocent…”—#MalcolmX

Asia Leeds [AsiaLeeds] If you still ride for Obama after all this, you are the problem.

Baka Omubo [BakaOmubo] The revolution starts with yourself. Do you love yourself? Go on, ask yourself that.

Alondra Nelson [alondra] Racial and gender inequity in the tech sector: does releasing the data lead to structural change? No. http://t.co/gsqy8I1H8X v @TheAtlantic

The Root [TheRoot] How #Ferguson has exposed a #civilrights generational divide: http://t.co/Ln1lmychod

Another Africa [another_africa] In Conversation with Macdonald Mfolo, an Orange Farm based Costume and Puppetmaker | Another Africa http://t.co/KopmGlyeLf

Another Africa [another_africa] “Everything that I create I make sure that it’s rooted in our local context.” South African pantsula costume designer – Macdonald Mfolo

Chuck D [MrChuckD] Bernie Worrell, Steve Jordan, ME and Issac Hayes on this track https://t.co/MKRp2zITKD #iTunes http://t.co/agvtzCp1is

“So I was supposed to interview @AntonioFrench yesterday but he was arrested.” and other Twinks…

Danielle Belton [blacksnob] So I was supposed to interview @AntonioFrench yesterday but he was arrested. I used to work for his website. I hate everything #Ferguson

C. [FantaBender] People really think African Americans are just finding an excuse to play the victim. As if it’s something fun to do in your spare time.

The Atlantic [TheAtlantic] Study: Black college graduates have the same employment prospects as a white peer without a diploma http://t.co/yugvPXwzSx

Koritha Mitchell [ProfKori] ! MT @michaelarria Some Americans think a black teen reached for a cop’s gun, from 35 feet away, but demand further proof for global warming

Danielle Belton [blacksnob] I don’t understand why cable/network news aren’t covering this live or fighting for more access. What does it take? #Ferguson

zellie [zellieimani] Still fighting to be recognized as human beings 50 years later. #Ferguson http://t.co/VPpzhURS9b

Juhh-nay. [janaicierra_] Pause. Let’s end racial discrimination when we END BLACK ON BLACK!

Speak & Spell [TamTamsWorld] Worked out what the problm is. African-Americans aren’t loving racist murderers enuf. LOVE those who hate u! Look into your hearts! Forgive.

Baka Omubo [BakaOmubo] @TamTamsWorld People that say this are asinine

HuffPost Media [HuffPostMedia] Police in Ferguson have continually attacked and harassed journalists http://t.co/bv3zu9GbXp http://t.co/y9OdCNvL81

L. Joy Williams [ljoywilliams] NYPD Sends Out Official Memo Telling Officers They’re Allowed to Be Photographed & Filmed http://t.co/I8daW2Qi1g #twibdocket

Baka Omubo [BakaOmubo] I can no longer support these rap coons. If you don’t care about your community or people you AIN’T getting a dime of my money.

Yaba Blay [fiyawata] “George Bush doesn’t like Black people.” (*cough*) where y’at @kanyewest? We ready for the remix #Ferguson

Baka Omubo [BakaOmubo] Your favourite rapper is a chump. A studio gangster. But when his people are being destroyed nothing but…. silence. But you “real” right?

Fee [Feathersssss] Rappers can kill 50 niggas in ONE rap song and sell all this dope but they are afraid to speak on behalf of injustice.

Buay Dubz [BuayMeetsWorld] Claiming unarmed black men need to dress & speak differently to not be killed is similar to blaming women & what they wear for being raped.

Ethiopian Stories [EthiopianStory] Abyssinian (Ethiopian) children practicing how to wear gas masks during the Italian invasion in 1935 #Ethiopia http://t.co/Y497nd4wLH

TS∑DAY [Tseday] Africa’s population is over 1.1 billion #AfricaVisualised Largest African nations with data from 2012 #fellow @ajplus http://t.co/XgrovUREyQ

Tech Facts [DailyTechFacts] Each day, about 20 million people “tweet”. Internet experts speculate that over half of all tweets are based on controversial subjects.

The Root [TheRoot] One woman stops being ashamed of an unusual hobby: http://t.co/J3tTBG9Lrv

Sylvia Plath [aSylviaPlath] Someday, god knows when, I will stop this absurd, self-pitying, idle, futile despair, and I will begin to think again.

“New Frantz Fanon documentary confronts fallacies about anti-colonial philosopher” and other Twinks…

Ben Carrington [BenHCarrington] Must see: New Frantz Fanon documentary confronts fallacies about anti-colonial philosopher http://t.co/toCUIzpnIQ http://t.co/w3lDAMmYpV

LIBERATOR Magazine [liberatormag] A chapter by chapter analysis of Frantz Fanon’s “Black Skin White Masks” http://t.co/YeLO7cXmRE

the kinte space [KinteSpace] “A Hideous Atrocity”: Noam Chomsky on Israel’s Assault on Gaza & U.S. Support for the Occupation – Y… https://t.co/C63vmyDjHz

the kinte space [KinteSpace] in the traditional-human context, relationships are building blocks of #communalism—not modern consumerism

the kinte space [KinteSpace] yo, black, the dystopian, apocalyptic, sci-fi-scale future is right now and Matt Damon is not going to save your ass

Think Africa Press [ThinkAfricaFeed] Speak it, Tweet it, Keep it: Reaffirming the Pride & Place of African Languages http://t.co/A8pOgNkBUI

Mpangila Mturuwabazi [mturuwabazi] #KotetamKadresBeLike “ጎርፍ ለስራ አጥ ኢትዮጵያውያን የሚፈጥረውን የስራ እድል ወደ ጎን መተው የኒዮ ሊበራልነት ምልክት ነው::” http://t.co/idkBtqKRU0 http://t.co/ggyo05codA

#NMOS14 [FeministaJones] Did yall know that @JedidahIslerPhD is the FIRST Black woman to earn a PhD in Astronomy from Yale? Follow her because she is AMAZING

the kinte space [KinteSpace] in the Blackness of the atom is The Witness #rasx #ruthefordatom #atom “rambling”

the kinte space [KinteSpace] like Galileo u imagine the vacuum while every catholic around u says it does not exist- that is what it is to be Black, educated, informed

the kinte space [KinteSpace] when @neiltyson said there was only one man in the universe that knew about infinity, he slipped into an ironic, religious statement #cosmos

Sylvia Plath [aSylviaPlath] If I didn’t think, I’d be much happier.

Charlene Carruthers [CharleneCac] Yup. RT @dopegirlfresh: we’ve all been exposed to the idea that to be black is to be wrong. transgressive.

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Africa was agile and self-organizing with declarative markup set in stone. Then it was conquered by evangelists of imperative programming.

Nex6|Bill [Ghost6Shell] Ebola Cure Not Fully Developed Because Big Pharma Not Interested In Saving Lives Of Poor People In Africa http://t.co/UQCNcN9aek via @feedly

Magneto [naijaboyblog] America invested in science, naija invested in Religion. Ebola arrived, Nigerians are praying for American science… http://t.co/rMvW2LGWT2

YoungGifted&Ratchet [Anti_Intellect] White supremacy stay convincing Black people that they are too good for Black people.

SouthernFriedScience [SFriedScience] The Dark Side of Academia http://t.co/7wnOvlEEXU

Ferrari Sheppard [stopbeingfamous] Explain that to me with your flawless logic and frozen demeanor

Science Facts [factssc] “The purpose of abstraction is not to be vague, but to create a new semantic level in which one can be absolutely precise” – Edsger Dijkstra

Necessary Blackness [BeRealBlack4Me] When people are impressed by Kanye’s rants, thinking that he’s so deep, it makes me realize how deep they are not.

Tech Facts [DailyTechFacts] John Hodgman, the PC in the long-running “I’m a Mac” ad campaign, uses a Mac

UCTV [uctelevision] Do 4.2 million children really need Ritalin? Dr. Sanford Newmark suggests we may be over-prescribing. Watch: http://t.co/1qSTJ4U55e

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Why Black Children Need to Read & Write Science Fiction http://t.co/hg3H3SpgcN via @wordpressdotcom

the kinte space [KinteSpace] kids, some things will be irretrievably #racist otherwise it would mean going out of #business

Gimba Kakanda [gimbakakanda] Dear @CNN, the area you marked “Nigeria” is actually “Niger”; Nigeria is the area below it. Get a map-reader, please! http://t.co/e03Fv1pcC2

Great Folks Found in Dakar: Moyo Okediji [@DakartBiennale]

Moyo Okediji at the Global Black Consciousness Conference, Dakar

My short but much appreciated meeting with Moyo Okediji at Hôtel Sokhamon as he attended Global Black Consciousness for DAK’ART 2014 was my only classic journalistic moment for my two weeks on the continent. I saw him, introduced myself very quickly and attempted to secure an interview. You see, modern kids, I did not even know the name Moyo Okediji—but when I looked upon him I knew he was important and relevant to what I was looking for. After the “normal” search engine session, “we” can see Dr. Okediji in detail:

Moyo Okediji was born in Lagos Nigeria. Parents moved to Ile Ife when he was two. He had his primary education in Ile Ife, and went to Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo, for his secondary school. [He] returned to Ife for his university education in 1973, and was awarded a B.A. with honors in Fine Arts in 1977, by the University of Ife. He received his MFA from the University of Benin in 1982, and returned to the University of Ife, where he became a lecturer. He founded and led the Ona Artists in Ile Ife, where he taught classes in painting, drawing, ceramics and art history. He organized several international conferences and symposia, and edited proceedings from some of these events.

Amazon.com product

Dr. Okediji is currently Professor of Art History and Director of the Center for the Art of Africa and its Diasporas at The University of Texas at Austin.

After my equally appreciated meeting with Richard J. Powell, researching for books by Moyo Okediji is a must. This effort was fruitful! I am very much looking forward to getting my copy of The Shattered Gourd: Yoruba Forms in Twentieth-Century American Art.

What about the interview you may ask? Was it worthy of my DAK’ART press pass? The motion-picture interview is slated to appear in a documentary in production by R/Kain Blaze. Thanks very much to Dr. Okediji for taking the time.

“The Anxieties of Being a Black Poet in Britain” and other Twinks…

Kei Miller [keimiller] The Anxieties of Being a Black Poet in Britain http://t.co/BmfZvJA96J

LIBERATOR Magazine [liberatormag] An Interview With Ngugi wa Thiong’o » http://t.co/Md4bo1kL9G

True Pharaoh [True_Pharaoh] There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. – Maya Angelou

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Head doctor fighting Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone contracts the deadly virus – http://t.co/Km59b0dMqH

Mariam Veiszadeh [MariamVeiszadeh] This helps explain how Palestinians are 2nd class citizens in their own homeland. #GazaUnderAttack http://t.co/tFj52AcVW9

the kinte space [KinteSpace] “A Terrifying Night in Gaza”: Sharif Abdel Kouddous Reports on Israeli Ground Invasion – YouTube https://t.co/ktMcBfHRFk

Mahmoud [MahmoudRamsey] Nothing says “minimize civilian casualties” like using flechette shells against civilians. http://t.co/ryqeMOjJwg http://t.co/SRxR2hbynZ

Stephen G. Hall, PhD [historianspeaks] Higher Education and Rising Inequality http://t.co/AcFlApQHNW

GrooveSDC [GrooveSDC] There’s an awful tendency for some people to conflate what they think with what is actually happening. Resist this @SunbeamTiger66

Lauren Victoria [Crewof42] We r so use to complaining on panels + re-stating problems we forgot ideas, innovation, solutions @rolandsmartin #newsonenow @keithellison

@lupingcayisa [lupingcayisa] Arts &Culture shouldn’t just celebrate and fund Djs & concerts. Instead they must focus on programmes with content. http://t.co/RA6FaGgIVq

Jossianna Arroyo [JossiannaA] This Is What James Baldwin Wrote About Israel and Palestine in 1979 http://t.co/vo3FNZBPdG

the kinte space [KinteSpace] @Akilahh__ @AfricasaCountry British-posh ancient Egyptians is a colonial tradition just like British-posh ancient Romans, far from Italy

GrooveSDC [GrooveSDC] Unfortunately your inability to understand my point is not my burden. Sorry @SunbeamTiger66 @rbonne1

Rah [IamRah] @KinteSpace Did ur ego make u unfollow me because I said something u didn’t like? Lol U should study urself. Peace.

Adria Richards [adriarichards] The trolls monitor my location and whom I communicate with which has led me to share much less in the past year for safety reasons

the kinte space [KinteSpace] @AsiaLeeds we all have an imperial self and an indigenous self, more indigenous please 😇

LIBERATOR Magazine [liberatormag] Angela Davis&Toni Morrison / How do we become whole after traumas that threaten to splinter souls? http://t.co/ewQy8lfIXr

Lauren Victoria [Crewof42] NAACP leadership is scattered and unfocused — meanwhile LaRaza, AIPAC, HRC Is VERY focused #NewsOneNow @rolandsmartin

Charity Clay, PhD [UrFavCharity] i think some of yall revel in the ability to complain more than you care about trying to find solutions to the issues you complain about

Greg Carr [AfricanaCarr] 16 years since John Henrik Clarke joined the Ancestors. Larry Crowe & I working in his papers @ the Schomburg Center. http://t.co/nK5cVYUSJD

Jessica M. Johnson [jmjafrx] Photo: got2boshun: riseoftheblackqueen: This is one of my favorite pictures ever Work Mother! The glasses. http://t.co/pmh29H52tO

the kinte space [KinteSpace] SuperMegaUltraGroovy http://t.co/JYNzaJwHbn #musicdecompiler

the kinte space [KinteSpace] @ErikaHartgrove here in LA I have never seen wild/black/forbidden rice at a farmers market, please ask around for CA-based leads

the kinte space [KinteSpace] @ErikaHartgrove my note-to-self is to budget organic for bulk foods first http://t.co/C5WPyU0OjM

Mother Earth [ErikaHartgrove] Black rice. Learn about it. http://t.co/2GP580IgRo

LIBERATOR Magazine [liberatormag] The Power of Art: Locking the Spirits of Angola’s Modernist Architecture in Photographs (1950-1975) http://t.co/6PphOsy2So