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When comediennne Ms. Pat [@ComedienneMsPat] says, “If he don’t beat you that mean he don’t love you”…

I look forward to finding the time or getting the chance to see how a self-described “Black” female “cultural critic” responds to the comedienne Ms. Pat, what she brings to the table. I’m willing to do the respectful research—just not right now… In particular, on episode 540 of the WTF podcast with Mark Maron, Ms. Pat reveals what her mother said to her as a child (no joke). She said two of many things:

White people are better than you so don’t look them in the eyes.


When your man don’t beat you that mean he don’t love you.

What is important here is that this is information transferred from mother to child. My assertion—not backed with respectable statistics—screams out with pessimism about my idea of a “Black feminist” paying full respect of the power a mother has over her children. Even a “ghetto” mother—regarded as “powerless” by patriarchal, nuclear-weapon-possessing standards—wields awesome power over the world view of her children. Being a Black parent three times over my respect for her (poor—or poor with some money) is deep and unwavering.

So, based on my Black experience, I assume that contemporary culture critics would make efforts to ignore or marginalize the significance of what Ms. Pat is saying here. My concern is one who considers themselves “Black” and “educated” would do a very ‘white’ thing and marginalize Ms. Pat—confine her to a small, extreme edge case that we must feel sympathy for but never think about…

So let’s think: In my efforts to prevent my very intelligent male children from becoming post-hip-hop-era misogynists, I attempt to define and frame womanhood as relativistic. This is based on my non-doctorate-level assertion that there are at least two kinds of womanhood: imperial womanhood and indigenous womanhood (and—blah, blah—the same framing applies for so-called manhood). I tell my very intellectual twenty-something year-old son that by default (unless the woman becomes an activist of counter culture) a woman born in American urban culture as we know it will be a patriarchal fascist secular humanist. To be a patriarchal fascist secular humanist is to be by definition confused.

What is also difficult is to explain to my eldest son (who has never been married) is, how can a woman be patriarchal and fascist? This is where Ms. Pat comes in: the second message from her real-world mother explains it all. To consider beating as primary form of passionate communication can only be socialized and commemorated under the context of fascism.

Now, the ladies who think of themselves as “better than” Pat—and her mother—may actually accept this world view passed from mother to child as a fascist one. But these ladies are likely to still marginalize Ms. Pat under the phrase, “What does this have to do with me—or my mother?” What would be seriously unimaginative is to dismiss this entirely by stating, ‘These exact words were never used in my family so what does this have to do with me?’

Let’s move away from the exact words and look at general principles: a beating is a high-energy act of dominance and control upon a passive subject. So another thing Ms. Pat was likely taught as a corollary is something I find from my personal Black experience:

To too many Black women, you do not exist as a man unless you can provide high-energy acts of dominance and control upon one or more passive adult female subjects.

Emphasis must be placed on, you do not exist as a man. When I wrote the poem “void this misogyny” over a decade ago, I repeated the phrase, I am not enough of a man for this same emphasis.

I have learned the motherfucking hard way that it is not my place to get an adult North American woman to understand anything abstract and metaphysical. So what I try to get my sons to understand is this possibility of imposed non-existence in places they may yearn to exist. I define “manliness” as the ability to accept such invisibility within a systemic context. (My father used to tell me, “A man can stand alone.”) What is the system in play here that’s making invisible, son? Are you trying to get Nazis to love and accept your Jewishness in 1930s Berlin? What party are you not being invited to? Is it an Earth day celebration? …or is it a tea dance on top of a toxic waste dump?

Being a fascist provider…

I have nothing against the phrase, “I want a man to provide for me—and our children.” But this must be distinguished from being a provider of high-energy acts of dominance and control upon one or more passive adult female subjects. You see kids, there are actually a beneficial side to fascism—especially charismatic fascism. Under fascism (when your leaders are winning the wars) there is little expected of you. You really don’t have to do shit but be held captive and you will be taken care of. When your fascist leader does something for you, all you have to do is stand back and watch him do for you. In many brief moments you can feel like you are actually exploiting the fascist as this superman leaps around doing shit for you. From an economic point of view this can be awesome (and too often mistaken for some form of “gold digging” or “whoring”). But then this male bitch starts losing the war, the life as a passive recipient will start to change for the worse…


Ms. Pat is part of the suite of solutions needed for the actual return of Love in the Black world… When she turns all of what I’ve written here into a humorous sound bite (to me she has), she helps to remind the Black world of their actual fucked up Atlanta Housewives situation.

Another part of the solution is our return to communalism—which makes community possible. The traditional African village is based on communalism—so to ignore this is to be hopelessly urban, capitalist and individuated. The fascist world view will always confuse communalism with communism and reduce collective efforts to mob rule—even the tech hipster phrase “crowd sourcing” has a brutish, crude regard for the collective.

The smallest unit of self-sustaining communalism is the collaborative, non-hierarchical-but-role-based relationship between a man and a woman. I have never, ever heard of or read about any couple—especially a self-described “Black couple”—frame their intimate relationships in these terms. In terms of Black history, I can see glimmers of such intimate relations between, say, Ida B. Wells and her husband (who sold his newspaper business to her while they were married—instead of “giving” it to her).

Ms. Pat reminds me that nothing substantial will change in the “at risk” Black “community” as long as these issues of non-hierarchical intimacy (without regard for sexual orientation—because “gay” relations can be very fascistic also) remain unresolved, with most of us actually proudly swaggering around that we are rid of each other—or we have power over others—or Afro-masochistically: another has power over that smirking pretty one.

Everyone in what bell hooks calls a “dominator culture” suffers from the anti-depressant-prescribed sickness of the intimacy of fascism. It’s just that Black version of this—the Black woman version of this—kicks my ass the most. Yet again: it’s the Blues, baby.

Fade out to Depeche Mode’s “Master and Servant”…

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…it’s like being treated like David Liebe Hart.

“Hi, Bryan!” the person meeting me kind of laughs to themselves for being in the situation of meeting me. “…been a long time! How’s it going?” The person kind of smiles and winces waiting for the “confusing” stream of Bryan they are expecting to wash right over them. Then I just say, “…it’s been kind of how David Liebe Hart is treated—but the difference is I know I’m not that guy.”

Until the typical, property-obsessed, American “white guys” find out I’ve taken their photograph (hey why don’t you tell them! —fuck fair use, right? —let’s teach Bryan a lesson!), I can actually show you what I’m talking about… it looks like this:


Look at the expressions on the faces. It’s a classic composition that could easily been snapped in the Belgian Congo in the 1800s—but the difference is David Liebe Hart chose to put himself in that situation. We can find Louis Armstrong or Charlie Parker in the same situation doing the same thing—but this is David Liebe Hart…

I’ve got nothing against the white-Black relations Mr. Hart has set up for himself—hell (and I do mean hell), I might end up in some shit like that too when the solitary confinement starts to wear me down even more…

No folks… you got it all wrong. When I show you this picture of Mr. Hart and some white guy—I am not using it to illustrate how white people treat me—I use it to illustrate how many, many self-described “Black” people treat me. (The very act of mentioning this allows more followers to get on the band wagon—but remember these are just followers.)

To avoid dragging yourself through all of these sooty-bosom words, here’s my point: unlike Jesus, I tend to attempt to form alliances with functional people of African descent—and I will continue to do so. But I often fail to realize that to ‘function’ in a society that is designed to crush you under the concepts of “race” people have developed (and underdeveloped) various world views that ultimately see me as David Liebe Hart. And I cannot be in an alliance with Black people that reach out to me like the white guy in the picture above.

Without naming names, let me sketch out a few Black profiles that can be inserted in the photo above:

The Condescending Colored Academic

You are an academic with a few books under your belt. You hold, say, an associate professor position (no tenure) but you assume I know nothing about that and what “tenure” means. You are too young to even consider the possibility of being a Marxist or a serious Buddhist (because you are from the “hip hop” generation). You have no idea who Cheikh Anta Diop is yet you seem to make sweeping dismissive statements about ancient Africa without applying any umm… academic discipline or rigor. You assume what you achieved in your life is freaking amazing (since you fail to compare yourself to your predecessors) so there’s an intense solemnity about you by you—and you expect others to as genuflective as the grandeur demands.

The Condemnation-Filled Black Feminist

You are the condescending colored academic with the additional carriage of “gender issues.” I’ve written way, way too much about you (see “Related Links” below).

The Black Tech Manager

Because you are Black you think you are cool—but you are still a manger in the most Dilbert-esque way. You are a monument to mediocrity and you may self-deprecate in the face white script kiddies who do a few things with JavaScript—but you would never dare to imagine what I’ve been doing with technology for the last 18 years in some of the whitest, would-love-to-fire-an-imposter-Black-guy corporate arenas on the West coast of North America. You tend to interrupt me before I get a chance to finish my first sentence because you assume you that whatever I know you already know. This kind of makes difficult for me to stop working for white people and branching out into a startup-venture with a true “cultural fit.”

The “Successful” “Black” Filmmaker

I completely understand why you would find me irritating. First of all, because you don’t give a fuck, you are likely to assume that I’m some geeked out tech dude that knows nothing about film. Then, should you find out two or three things about me, you swing to other polar extreme and still find me irritating when I start asking why people like you don’t follow the example of Ang Lee and do your white Hollywood thing but make sure to go back and do your Julie Dash thing too…

The Assimilated Black Professional

When I first launched kintespace.com in 1998, you comprised the majority Black presence on the Internet. You are described as ‘assimilated’ and Black—and you fail to see this as a contradiction of terms. You have every right to be what you want to be—my chief complaint is that instead of respectfully disagreeing with me under the context of ideological differences, you opt to pull high-school-lunch-table shit and call me “crazy”—essentially treating me like David Liebe Hart. Let’s compare our financial statements and see who is in credit-card debt and who is not—who the crazy mufukka now?

The Terrified Black College Kid

I was literally invited to speak under the auspices of our alma mater on your behalf—but your colored organization is so disorganized you don’t even know who I am when I walk through the door. You try to guess who I am by vibing off of me and since I don’t speak with a Barak-Obama accent (and a Barack-Obama concern for your immediate respect) you assume I am an around-the-way, absentee-father, imposter, joke of a “man”…. You are angry that a “loser” like me has any kind of damn job because you know your country—and your people—have failed you because little is waiting for you after you graduate. You literally, literally walk up to the podium to introduce me to an audience you helped to assemble and you mumble and ramble things about me interjecting the phrase “and whatnot” every five seconds as looks of confusion and astonishment sweep through the audience. Your disorganized group asked me to write an introduction for you that turns out to be too long so you just cut it short without concern for its content which allows people to assume that I’ve been working for the Automobile Club of Southern California continuously since 1992—and why the fuck is this AAA guy presenting to us?

In serious conclusion…

My life choices have brought me to places where it is harder and harder to commune with other “outsiders.” Most of the true contrarians I’ve met were encountered in my youth and many of these renegades simply gave up, writing themselves off as being young and stupid. I’ve been young and stupid—but I’ve also been young and brilliant.

One of the ‘brilliant things I’m going to do is post this article on my Blog with a promise to myself that this is that last time I “explore” this issue. I may come back to this article to add another Black profile to the list but no more complaining about this shit. Shit like this goes back to W.E.B. du Bois first ignoring and then talking shit about Marcus Garvey—and I am nowhere near Garvey greatness and there are still 21st century Negroes today—with Twitter accounts—with more love for du Bois than Garvey.

I think I need to recognize that I did not ‘escape’ the 1950s by being born in the 1960s. There is no amount of writing in Latin glyphs that can “reason” with people not being reasonable. I’m not going to spend the rest of my life policing my invisibility in the context of the so-called “community” in which I self-proclaim existence. Real sharp folk who have real street knowledge are in the very least observant. Pimps have to dress flamboyantly so bitch-ass hoes (of all genders) can “see” them.

“What, Bryan?”

“What do you mean?”

“You so crazy. Tee hee, hee…”

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