Last month we ran through a little drama about losing our podcast, the kinté cast. This month we can find the kinté cast on my sleepy, retiring YouTube channel. Based on my limited knowledge of YouTuber expertise, I have serialized the kinté cast in my rasx() context playlist.

The latest episode of the kinté cast (from 3/2010, yes over seven years ago) punctuates my playlist:

I intend to continue this podcast. This project was effectively stopped in its tracks soon after I was laid off at UCLA (my subsequent day jobs got more demanding) and was further delayed by my Steve-Jobs-inspired move away from Flash.

BTW: posting audio-only videos on YouTube is an approach I have seen from such YouTubers as:

We are curating these channels here at under Film/Gaming and Culture/Vlog.

This is not the first time the kinté cast was hosted on YouTube. Over seven years ago, my homeboy, R/Kain Blaze, helped me out by hosting segments on one of his channels. Back then, I had no idea how to encode for YouTube on a PC. Blaze was (and is) on Macs. Many thanks for that…

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I was too emotionally unstable to think of searching online for reviews of Experian. This further compounded the non-consciously effortless pounding I have been getting from the mother of my youngest child. I found out a few weeks ago that when my daughter was taken to Cedars Sinai Hospital last year a bill went unpaid and Cedars turned it over to a collection agency. That bill was only about $217.

My daughter was taken to the hospital by her mother and my daughter is protected under my medical insurance. This means I am financially vulnerable to the mother of my daughter. The series of events that effectively ‘ruined’ a spotless credit record shows, again, how powerful and influential a third party can be when the first party (that’s me bitches) behaves responsibly. To this very day, I have always been a responsible proactive party when it comes to fatherly finances. And time and time again, my responsible behavior has been ‘answered’ with “fuck you”… I understand very, very well this niggardly, childish, selfish, multi-cultural, “fuck you” outlook and I will never use it as an excuse to abandon my children.

The major difference between my whining about this and other father-dudes out there is that I do not blame others for being who they are. The mother of my daughter never deceived me. She deceived herself—and I should have been sensitive and creative enough to understand this little loophole about people (especially traditionally oppressed people). I also played the typical young man’s game of gambling in poverty. I took the gamble of trusting people with things, principalities and powers they did not (and will never understand) based on my black optimism, inexperience and ignorance. I knew from the beginning of my adulthood that I was surrounded by and deeply embedded in poor people. This poverty situation is what it means to be Black in the Americas. And I failed time and time again to understand the depths of this poverty (especially on the metaphysical level) as it cripples and infects my people.

Experian itself is carefully designed to take advantage of this profound poverty. Experian will send you a clear confirmation about cancelling their useless “premium” services but will conceal your enrollment in their seven-day “free” trial UX (user experience design). This is how the mistake-based economy keeps us poor people poor. Experian effectively stole about $20 from me. They have done this to millions of people, surely.

And, yes, I did call Experian and asked for a refund. And, yes, Experian refused to give me a refund. And, yes, it would be awesome of me to be involved in some kind of class-action lawsuit against Experian. And, yes, it would be great to fund some grass-roots organization to lobby Washington about regulating predatory behavior of financial institutions. But from my African-centered, metaphysical view of the inner world, Experian would never have touched me were it not for the profound low-self-esteem of a highly educated black woman.

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Susan Sermoneta
Brah, you have come to the right place! This is your guide toward a deadly goal: bachelorhood! In no particular order, I am going drop some serious knowledge about not letting a week go by without thinking about dying on the toilet just like that brother in that creepy documentary A Certain Kind of Death.

Be an actual Black man. The ultimate secret of Los Angeles bachelorhood is to be an actual Black man. There has been no fashion trend so completely out of style in the United States in General and Los Angeles in particular than being an actual, genuine Black man. Let’s not get it twisted: impersonating a Black man is one of the most lucrative gigs in white history. But being the real McCoy makes one “lower caste”—which is why many of my elder brothers over-dressed upwards and wore too much cologne. To take it to a completely other level of otherness, we determined-to-be-alone brothers develop a “nerdy” side on top of being true Black. I am so Black and so nerdy that I actually expect the woman I date to read my Black essay and be eager to talk to me about it over dinner at, say, n/naka. And when I mean eager I mean like it’s something she has never heard of before in her life but it’s something BLack she has been actively searching for…

Reserve at least one weekend day for your black children. The L.A. ladies do not love trying to fit me in their schedule around my children. Deeper still, I have found that many, many “women” do not have a powerful, abstract concept of solidarity in the Black cause, such that they do not view the children of other Black women as if they are theirs. However, I do agree with many, many of these ladies: they have every right to start a family fresh, without having to negotiate with another “woman.” Sexism prevents a “regular guy” from thinking that women—especially high-achieving, financially self-sufficient women—can have a ‘virginity concept’ about men: that their man should never have children, making a clean slate for her brood.

Discriminate against women perceived as overweight. There is no quicker path to solitude than discriminating against women in the United States in general and Los Angeles in particular based on the obesity correlated with their Standard American Diet. The honeys will think I am too stupid for an in-person hangout because of my apparent ignorance of the often correct assumption that the only (black) women over 30 who are in any kind of recognizable physical condition are there because it is directly related to business income—and many of these business tycoons date exclusively interracially (to avoid wasting all of her hard work on a genuine Black man).

Rent small. When you rent small, even when she wants to come over she can’t come over because you have no extra parking place—and not that much street parking (remember this is about Los Angeles, right). This is sending a powerful and clear message that you are powerless and punked. You are providing your beau-to-be absolutely no space of her own that you own because you have “decided” to “live” in one of the worst property markets on the planet for those of us who are not multi-millionaires.

Provide zero narcotics. Offering absolutely no alcohol, weed or worse to a robust lady of the City of Angels is considered, by many, insulting or kind of Amish. This lack of mood-altering substances is a huge investment in repulsion. This horrifying sobriety, coupled with your children and your advanced age effectively screams, “Dad!” Experience informs that too many North American women totally hate not just their biological father but the father concept itself. Slam dunk, baby!

Refuse to participate in adult childcare in exchange for sex. The difference between me and one of the few famous Black men still alive today, Jim Brown, is my rejection of classic codependent relationships, reflecting the dominator culture of systemic inequality. Many “strong women” actually need this behind closed doors as substitute for the father they never had. My determination to instantly stop a relationship once I see these rituals appearing is a perfect way to have my body discovered in a stinky, little apartment three months later.

Stop showing up. It’s simple, Brah: stop showing up and they will no longer invite you. On top of that, is economics squeezing all of us out of the disposable income and “leisure time” required to invite people to anything. On top of that is the mass exodus of Black people out of Los Angeles for the last 30 years. Isn’t this just wonderful? My reward for being somewhat of a financial survivor in this brutal city is the gentrification of intimacy.

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