Buy this book at!The title of this entry is a corruption of the Public Enemy cut “Fight the Power”—which is from an Isley Brother’s cut of the same name. There are millions of permutable egocentric interpretations about why people dissent. Most of the accused are boiled down to jealous toddlers, swaddled in narcissism.

The last week of Blog cruising is full of people asking other people to ‘act nicer.’ The Mini-Microsoft guy is reminded that “Rarely does a bad attitude solve the problem.” This quote sounds like advice for “sex workers.” Show me some scientific data proving that pleasuring people with an unmistakably “good” attitude solves a real problem. Let’s talk about the Dalia Lama’s attitude and his problem with Red China.

In “My funny valentine” Nicholas Carr is rebuffed by The Scobelizer for being unkind to Microsoft and too kind to Google. In “Government Bias Against Apple” Om Malik accuses the United States Government of being rude to Apple and too chummy with Microsoft. And, of course, the biggie, the guy is not a racist.

Hmm… ‘act nicer.’ Well the poet in me, the African poet in me, wants to break the Imperial English that holds me captive in order to communicate non-English Imperial values. So dig: Nice was/is a city in Italy/France—and this reminds me of the need to get along in a renaissance mercantile culture. You never know who your next customer will be so it’s best to not offend anyone—except us Africans because everybody knows (including us) that we have no money—and we are ‘used to’ spending our existential billions on people who don’t care whether we live or die.

So when I have to act ‘nice’ I know that I am acting. Okay, now I am actor. I expect to be paid like a professional. Most people act for free in a habitual imitation of television beings. Now that’s not Nice—is it? Hey that sounds like slavery! Now the dialectical extremist in you may suggest that when I “refuse” to act nice that means “I want” to be angry. Hey, dude, I did not grow up in that kind of dysfunctional family. My mother or father never ever beat me physically or emotionally into a pulp until I put on my “happy face.” What does the Pink Floyd song say? “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way…” Welcome to my ghetto. That shit is broke.

Microsoft Access

I still use Microsoft Access… Just as there are “a lot” of FoxPro users, there will always be “a lot” of Access users. My relationship with Access suffered two heavy blows: its limited use in “real” Web applications and the macro virus crisis that (to me) dealt Microsoft a heavy blow. The Access 2003 screenshot above completely summarizes my personal use of Microsoft Access.

I use one ADP file for many databases. Access can automatically detect relations among tables and render sub-datasheets on the fly. Column widths, frozen columns and Combo Boxes can be defined for the datasheets as well. All of these definitions are stored on the server, among the extended properties—this why all I need is one ADP file. This ADP file serves as my bottom-rung, quick-and-dirty data entry front end for DBMS catalogs, mostly SQL Server.

Microsoft Access will never go away in theory. Its legacy shows up in the Visual Studio product line, namely the wonderful “data binding” technologies. This just in: there is an Office 12 Access Blog.

Buy this book at!Intact tomb found in Egypt’s Valley of Kings” refers to an “18th Dynasty” tomb of the “New Kingdom.” This is “exciting” for people like the author of Not out of Africa because, by this time, Egypt has been overrun by so many invaders not from Africa that the bodies in that tomb are very likely to computer-simulate Boy George very well.

Contemporary Nigerian writing—reading list I” from uknaija can’t go unread by the readers of the kinté space.

A former Czech army doctor convicted of shooting dead Nigeria’s consul to Prague after falling prey to fraudsters has been spared his full jail term.” I can’t tell you how many times some geek out there slips in a spam or phishing joke that refers to Nigerians. Any DotNetRocks fans out there? It is interesting that the Nigerians get the brunt of this attack. These jokes have never been funny to me.

vektorika magazine is out there. It deserves mention…

Ayo is one of the many African names of the African peoples that play this game. When I was child in the 1970s here in Los Angeles I used to see these games lying around quite a bit. Now I don’t see them at all—except on the Internet. Yes!

Doreen Baingana reminds us that “Our stories aren’t all tragedies.” Evidently, Dave Chappelle on Oprah suggests that it took 50 million U.S. dollars for him to realize the negative side affects of cartoon drawings of African suffering. Does Doreen have 50 million too?