This item languished on my TODO list for months: “Custom Site Theme for SharePoint 2007 (MOSS 2007) and WSS 3.0.” I was feeling pangs of guilt for procrastinating until it became clear, the price paid for following the deceptively simple instructions. The form of the error is this:

A theme with the nam
e "THEMENAME 1011" and version 
already exists on the server.

Blog and forum posts like the one from Sean have comments that essentially say, “Delete the _themes folder in SharePoint Designer and the problem will go away.” My problem is that I do not have SharePoint Designer installed nor do I have any folders of the pattern _theme* on my entire WSS box.

What is more ominous is that none of the phrases in the SharePoint error message above appear under Microsoft TechNet or MSDN umbrellas. In “Customizing MySite in MOSS 2007” a Microsoft employee gets a reader comment about this error but has no real solution to this “caching” problem.

What should have tipped me off is that articles from Microsoft about installing custom themes are too hard to find. This should have aroused my suspicions.

Netflix: Game Over Joshua Topolsky: “Netflix claims that the new implementation in Silverlight provides ‘breakthrough navigation for fast-forward and rewind,’ though fails to indicate exactly when this is all being rolled out (we assume immediately). Unfortunately for super-duper late adopters, the software will only work with Intel-based Macs, so if you’ve been holding onto a G3 for dear life, here’s one more reason to finally can it, along with your Xbox 360 HD DVD player, Von Dutch trucker cap, and gas-guzzling Escalade. Full PR after the break.”

“Steve Jobs explains why FireWire is dead”

Charles Arthur: “There’s been plenty of outrage and despondency from would-be Apple MacBook buyers over the fact that the latest versions of the low-end laptops don’t have FireWire, the high-speed data transfer system invented by Apple and Sony that basically kicks USB’s bum (even USB2.0). It’s being taken out the back and getting an icepick in the neck.” USB comes from the Intel camp so it appears that Steve Jobs is responding to ‘pressure’ from the Intel-based gift horse rolling out his new line of products.

“Silverlight 2 Released”

Scott Guthrie: “Silverlight 2 is small in size (4.6MB) and takes only 4–10 seconds to install on a machine that doesn’t already have it. It does not require the .NET Framework to be installed on a computer to run—the Silverlight setup download includes everything necessary to play video or run applications.” Yes, great Scott, but has the install experience improved?

“Mono 2.0 is out!”

Miguel de Icaza: “As the project matured, developers started taking advantage of Mono’s open source nature: essentially .NET on their own terms. A platform that could be adapted, morphed, ported and modified to suit many different uses. Today Mono is embedded in portable mp3 players and powers Unity3D’s game engine on the Apple iPhone, the Nintendo Wii, MacOS X and Windows (Some folks at Novell are working with Unity on bringing Unity3d to Linux!).”

Buy this Book at! When a new version of the Zend Framework comes out, why does it have to regress over one my favorite features? I am still using Zend Framework version 1.0.3—because when I tried to use version 1.5.3 the ability have regular-expressions routes for the controller read from an XML file broke!

This problem is memorialized in the Zend Issue Tracker as “[#ZF-3474] Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Regex won’t assemble when used with xml config.” It looks like this problem was reported by Maurice Fonk and it’s assigned to Matthew Weier O’Phinney.

Maurice’s description of the problem reads like a step-by-step solution so I will generously assume that either Matthew was vacationing over the summer or he is totally swamped with other work. I am very reluctant to upgrade until this problem is fixed and am very surprised to see this regression happen.

Line: 7 Elements of Art

My book has arrived! This is part one of seven books from Jane Castillo’s ongoing “Seven Elements of Art” series.

“An extremely infectious visual arts narrative that is certain to excite youth, educators, and artists. You can not help from lovin’ it.”

—John Outterbridge, Artist, Educator, Arts Administrator

“Castillo’s series on understanding the essentials of art is an indispensable kit of knowledge for everyone involved with the arts, from the art maker, to the museum goer, to the classroom teacher, to the home-schooler. Castillo fills an educational gap in a beautifully useful and inspiring way.

—Dr. Jeanne S.M. Willette, Art Historian, Otis College of Art and Design

Become visually literate in a flash!

7 Elements of Art is a dynamic new series of art books for young people featuring a blend of today’s hot artists and photographers.

Each title focuses on a single element of art, Line, Shape, Color, Space, Texture, Value, and Form.

Line, the first of the series, presents bold, colorful photos of lines in both our world and in contemporary art. An insightful connection between our everyday, global visual culture and contemporary artwork is elegantly achieved. Can you find the lines that are all around you?

This innovative presentation is a sure hit for children and educators alike. From looking at ancient Greek columns to today’s hot artists, makes for learning about the visual element of Line fun.

Book Party Friday, November 14, 2008

Blows Against the Empire:

U.S. Imperialism in Crisis

By Dr. Gerald Horne

Please come and join the Black Radical Congress, New York Chapter, for a
discussion with Dr. Gerald Horne on his latest book.

Time: 6 to 8 p.m.

Location: 1199 SEIU

310 West 43rd St.

(Between 8th & 9th Aves.) [map]

New York, N. Y.

First Floor Gallery

Light Refreshments

Hosted by

Black Radical Congress

New York Chapter

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