today’s client-side tweets

@MossyBlog [Scott Barnes]: “@maryjofoley article on the XAML Fallout –…

@timheuer [Tim Heuer]: “Telerik goes Metro…now for both Silverlight and WPF: – very nice.”

@nicewebtype: “Interesting differences between CSS reset and normalization. @h5bp now uses normalization. Hmm…”

@elijahmanor [Elijah Manor]: “Code Review: jQuery Waypoints by @dailyjs #jquery

@elijahmanor: “‘Exploring CoffeeScript Part 1 – And Then There Was Coffee’ by @elegantcode #javascript

@smashingmag [Smashing Magazine]: “Grid Navigation Effects with jQuery –

@elijahmanor: “Save yourself some typing when you call ASP.NET services” by @Encosia #jquery

@mozlabs [Mozilla Labs]: “Firefox 5 released – what’s new for web developers: /via @mozhacks

@elijahmanor: “HTML5ify your ASP.NET MVC 3 applications” by @RachelAppel #aspnetmvc

@MSExpression: #SketchFlow template for WP7 [Developers] – #msexp

@scottgu [Scott Guthrie]: “For those that missed it earlier this week – check out @shanselmanpost on VS 2010 HTML5 Web Extesnion:

@vpieters [Veerle Pieters]: “Novecento is an uppercase-only font family, free otf and web format” /via @benev

@SilverlightNews: “Mango : What’s new in Windows Phone 7.1” –

@SilverlightNews: “I Want To Make Cars Not Car Engines” –

@thelazzyone [Aaron]: “The original DOOM ported to your browser with HTML5 & JavaScript” – TNW Design & Dev

@thinkvitamin: “WebP: 38.9% faster than JPEG”

@Silverlight: Free @silverlightshow webinar: “Secure and Personalize your Silverlight App with WCF RIA Services” May 25, 10am PST … “This webinar was delivered on May 25th. Watch recording!

@Wessty [David Wesst]: “Day 1 session online courtesy of @ch9! My fav for the day: An Overview of the Microsoft Web Stack” by @shanselman

@elijahmanor: “Build ASP.NET MVC 3 applications quickly with MvcScaffolding” by @RachelAppel#aspnetmvc

@bsubra [Bala Subra]: #Lab49: “Sparklines in WPF and Silverlight: One seemingly-trivial-yet-recurring problem in financial software i…”

@elijahmanor: “An In-depth look at in 1.6” #jquery

@maryjofoley [Mary Jo Foley]: “Microsoft and Nokia finalize their Windows Phone collaboration agreement:

@smashingmag: “The CSS3 Flexible Box Layout (flexbox)” –

@kegill [Kathy E Gill]: “Design Inspiration: 25 Websties built with HTML5 & CSS3” via @ziteapp

@smashingmag: “Susy: unobtrusive grids for designers with Compass or Sass” – #useful

@DennisCode [Den Delimarsky]: “Screencast: How to Debug a WP7 App Without the Debugger Attached” #wp7 #wp7dev

@aarron [Aarron Walter]: “A typeface designed to visualize data using ligatures. Head sploded.”

@vladimir_enchev [Vladimir Enchev]: “RT @mvalkov: The new version of #telerik #silverlight/#wpf #RichTextBox with comments, RTF, bookmarks and more!

@leebrimelow [Lee Brimelow]: Convert FLA to HTML5 right now using “Wallaby” – #flash #html5

@engadget: “Bloomberg: Microsoft to pay Nokia ‘more than $1 billion’ to make Windows Phones”

@jbristowe [John Bristowe]: “ie9ify – a jQuery plugin for adding IE9 features (site pinning, site mode, etc.) to your websites:

@Telerik: “The Brilliance of Microsoft + Nokia” #wp7 #wp7dev#windowsphone7

@davewiner [Dave Winer]: “A few simple requests for developers who make Twitter clients.”

today’s @africatechie links

With new investments, Israel again is looking to Africa

Skills shortage remains a problem for Kenyan IT companies

African Mobile advertising grows

Time to recognize Africa’s successful companies by @VC4Africa

Ghana preparing itself to be the Tech Powerhouse in Africa via @NandiMobile

Are ‘African lions’ really roaring? stinging critique of report that ‘1 in 3 Africans is middle class’

today’s @denisejacobs links

Great resource: CSS Lint

Great resource: What is Data Visualization? – FFunction – Data Visualization

Great resource: What is Data Visualization? [Infographic] – ReadWriteCloud

Great resource: The Evolution of Web Design Infographic

Great resource: Episode 29: Responsive Web Design – The ATX Web Show!

Great resource: Fit To Scale | Trent Walton

Great resource: Flexible Grid: Foldy960 – GitHub

Great resource: An (Almost) Complete Guide to CSS3 Multi-column Layouts | kmsm

Great resource: Target iPhone and iPad with CSS3 Media Queries • Perishable Press

Great resource: Awesome New CSS3 Selectors | Perishable Press

Great resource: 27 Amazingly Realistic CSS Icons and Logos

“Austerity, Democrat Style” and other links…

digby: “A new era unfolds in California… This month [1/2011] the state’s part-time legislature goes back into session, and the state is starting at potentially a $25 billion deficit on a two-year budget of around $95 billion. That’s enormous. And there’s not much fat to cut. The whole budget is basically education and healthcare spending. Cutting everything else wouldn’t do the trick. And though raising this kind of money would be easy on an economy of $1.2 trillion, the new GOP mega-majority in Congress is firmly against raising any revenue. [via Markos Moulitsas]”

“Nigerian art: Ingenuity meets fervent belief”

Suzanne Muchnic: “Just follow an undulating path through ‘Central Nigeria Unmasked: Arts of the Benue River Valley,’ an international traveling exhibition opening Feb. 13 at the Fowler Museum at UCLA.” This exhibit closes on 7/24.

“UCLA bike lockers not exactly up to spec’”

Alex Thompson: “Since I first got involved cycling issues, planners have trotted out lockers as the holy grail of bike parking.  Kyle’s account aptly summarizes why I think bike lockers are way way overrated.  Bike lockers require lots of supervision.  In addition to being expensive, any bike locker system requires regular maintenance, as well as administrative oversight.  Some bike locker systems, like the one at UCLA, use a reservation system which requires additional supervision.  Bike lockers are expensive to buy, tough to maintain, and ask a great deal from the user, relative to bike racks.”

Madonna Lisa Studio Warming, 6/25, 4pm

Hi everyone,
I’ve finally set the date for my Studiowarming! Some of you may not know that I moved into a live/work space a few months ago. Join me on the date below for some delicious food and drink, see some of my new work, enjoy each others company, talk about art, etc.
Saturday, June 25th
1153 East Hyde Park Blvd. (off West Blvd.)
Inglewood, CA 90302
Street parking is available as there are limited spaces within the complex.
I’ll send out a reminder next week. See you on June 25th!