“SyncToy, File Synchronization and the Microsoft Sync Framework” and other links…

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Liam Cavanagh: “At the core of SyncToy is Sync Services for File Systems. Although initially created as a tool to enable photographers to keep images in sync over devices and computers, users have since started to use to synchronization other files such as documents, browser favorites, multimedia, spreadsheets and for some corporations even large CAD drawings. You can think of SyncToy as a nice UI wrapper built on top of Sync Services for File Systems.”

“Learn how to develop on SharePoint”

Marc: “For the first time in a long time, I have some down time so I am going to try to block of some time in the coming weeks to do so. Where to start? Paul Andrew blogged about a series of 10 MSDN webcasts covering SharePoint for .NET Developers.” Not only can you not download these videos, but you also must register yourself to view the “past event”… Update: It turns out you can hunt and click for downloadable versions in a Silverlight-based site for SharePoint developers.

Orbeon Forms is a Java-Heavy Solution for XForms Development

To install Orbeon Forms you need an application server that runs on Java version 1.4.2 (or later) and implements the Servlet API 2.3 (or later).” The FAQ states that “You are free to use Orbeon Forms only for its XForms functionality, but you can also leverage more of Orbeon Forms to build your forms-based application.” It seems convenient to have a “lite” version of Oberon Forms just for XForms stuff.