“My Scaling Hero” and other links…

Buy this Book at Amazon.com! Jeff Atwood: “These traffic and size numbers are nothing short of astonishing. He’s accomplished all this on his own, using only five servers with the same Microsoft and ASP.NET stack we use.” The “he” Jeff is talking about is Markus Frind of the dating website, Plenty of Fish. Jeff’s astonishing findings fly in the face of my ‘advice’ for Ed Dunn about using “cloud” solutions like Windows Azure.

However, the next news item from Markus Frind himself seems to make cloud computing attractive again (see below).

“Monetization free verse paid”

Markus Frind: “The problem with free is that every time you double the size of your database the cost of maintaining the site grows 6 fold. I really underestimated how much resources it would take, I have one database table now that exceeds 3 billion records. The bigger you get as a free site the less money you make per visit and the more it costs to service a visit.” Of course the Windows Azure rates schedule has not come out yet so it remains to be seen for the Microsoft cloud…


Douglas Crockford: “I don’t know why we call them strings. The term is unfamiliar and confusing to beginners. Why don’t we call them holleriths, just as we call true and false booleans? Or why don’t we call them texts, a shorter and more natural term?”

“Silverlight Toolkit Now Available For Download”

Shawn Burke: “The Silverlight Toolkit is a collection of components dedicated to making you—the Silverlight Developer—as productive as possible writing Silverlight. The full Silverlight Toolkit is available under the Microsoft Public License, an OSI-Approved license that allows full reuse of the code.”

“40 Application Templates from Microsoft”

Sharepoint-Girl.Com: “[There] are 20 Site Admin Templates and 20 Server Admin Templates. The Site Admin Templates has the .stp extension and can by uploaded to the user sites directly. Once uploaded, it can be used for the site. The Server Admin Templates .wsp extension. The Server Admin Templates must be installed at the Server and is the installation is more challenging than Site Admin Templates.”