Flippant Remarks about the Difference between a Bright Young Palestinian and Bright Young American Negro

Buy this DVD at Amazon.com! You, reader, do the work. Take any new-millennium population of “African Americans” labeled as gifted, talented or bright and test this random sample with a Palestinian sample of prodigies. I can flippantly guarantee that, when you are testing for what I would test for, you will get these results:

  • The Palestinian youths will know for a fact that the resources they would use for furthering their education and creative expression are being systematically taken away from them. They would not be mired in egocentric self-doubt about what they are capable of doing once they are in command of the right tools.
  • The Palestinian youths will never assume that they need Israeli assistance to do anything constructive once they have the proper resources and educational material available to them. In fact, the Palestinian youths would have fewer problems forming groups that produce constructively. And only a fool or an evil manipulator would attempt to label these psychologically healthy groups as “hate groups.” Negro youths have been untrained to forget that it was against the law in too many places in the United States for any group of Blacks to assemble. The first time we Blacks took our right to assemble seriously, the world was given the Civil Rights Movement—and many still use our techniques to this day. Now that “we” are “free,” “we” don’t take the right to assemble seriously—even virtually and easily on the Internet. The same ideas that would support “eliminating” John F. Kennedy would also eliminate great possibilities for future generations.
  • The Palestinian youths may sincerely welcome assistance and guidance from people who happen to be Israeli but they will never forget that the official policy these helpful people live under was and is designed to systematically seize and/or destroy resources that belonged to his Palestinian ancestors. Not forgetting does not imply these intelligent young people are emotionally unstable “haters”—it does mean that these people are sane.
  • The Palestinian youths would have a living sense of history and would not be conditioned to assume what happened five years ago—let alone 50 years ago—was a “long” time ago. Who is charge of what matters and what does not matter in your neighborhood? You? My guess is that the authority is coming over the television and future devices—which why Google exists because central control of mass media will not go away without a fight—perhaps even nuclear holocaust. Check out “Noam Chomsky: Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind” and get back to me…
  • The Palestinian youths would unconsciously resist the idea—they would resist without even trying—the idea that an Israeli-born person—even an Israeli-born Arab—is a viable ‘substitute’ for a Palestinian who grew up with Palestinian parents in a traditional Palestinian community. What exactly do I mean by ‘substitute’? I mean that the Osmond Family was deliberately redesigned in the 1970s as a substitute for the Jackson Family—watch carefully those who want badly to say otherwise… I mean that Beyonce is no substitute for Etta James—which is actually a more useful comparison…
  • The Palestinian youths would largely regard as a human stage of adult maturity the ability to work in groups with each other. They should regard as bizarre the idea that working together in Palestinian-only groups is somehow related to “reverse racism”—or a “reverse” of the apartheid system in Israel today (and in the past). In fact, the Palestinian seeking true diversity would work for both Palestinian-only organizations and ethnically diverse groups. (You, reader, should notice that I do not mention gender here. I do not intend to defend certain sexist interpretations of the word of Muhammad.)
  • The Palestinian youths would not make the dumb-ass mistake of assuming that having “diversity” means having the ability to work with Israelis (and others who vigorously support Israel). These youths would not assume that a fellow Palestinian having trouble working with Israelis is one who has trouble working with “reasonable people” or “normal people”—and therefore this Palestinian “troublemaker” has to be completely disregarded without even a thought.
  • When these bright Palestinian youths work together in creative expression, they would complete several projects on a variety of topics. Not all of these expressions would be about some form of domestic depravity and what Israeli government policy is doing to them. The youths would feel both obligated and proud to demonstrate their academic and artistic understanding of their ancestral past. It should be a deep embarrassment to fail to effortlessly weave basic facts about Palestinian history—especially the events that happened in the 1940s—into their unique expression.
  • Anyone with any kind of sense would regard as utterly ridiculous the complaints of a Palestinian who deeply loves his ancestral past failing to sell his labors of love in Israel. Such ridiculousness would betray this Palestinian’s assumption that Israel is the only buyer in the world—and that somehow Israeli authority and judgment is perfectly objective and serves to validate all human potential. Instead we would expect that this Palestinian creative talent would plan their career from the beginning to work with diverse, international markets as much as possible and resist an Israeli monopoly even when it rides in on a battle tank. It would be a waste of time to burn in hatred of Israel when you already know the objective facts and you have work to do—work that does not require the validation of Israeli authorities… you answer to your ancestors—and “African Americans” need to choose their ancestors wisely…
  • Most importantly, I find it very hard to assume that, when a Palestinian youth encounters another Palestinian young person that is not from his immediate circle of acquaintances—and it is clear that these Palestinian “strangers” are on the same page with regard to respect for their ancestors, these two like-thinking people are going to ignore each other and duplicate efforts out of some distorted sense of rivalry—or, worse, these two effective-but-isolated people never work together because of simple sleepwalking habits of imperial captivity. The kintespace.com has been online since 1998 and I took the time to write this paragraph. You do the arithmetic… One of the great things about the Web is that I can find out about what socially-organizing and/or socially-entertaining people are doing—even when they choose to avoid me. (By the way, there is no such thing as a “Negro leader”; there are only Negro followers—so when my peeps read what I write about people avoiding me, I fully expect them to sleepwalk without inquiry and avoid me as well… “Huh?” “What?”)

Buy this Book at Amazon.com! Me writing this Blog post got me wondering… so I decided to search YouTube.com with the keywords “Palestinian” “comedian”—I leave it to you, reader, to find one—and there has to be one—authentic, homegrown Palestinian comedian walking the night club stages in, say, New York making self-deprecating remarks that would make self-described “white” people laugh more often than the real folks from the hometown ’hood. And, remember, we have to be careful: we are looking for a Palestinian comedian—we are not looking for a person of Arab descent telling jokes about Palestine. I do not expect my fellow Americans to easily handle this level of distinction but it feels great to write about it anyway…

And, of course, the Palestinian entertainer would certainly have to get indignant with me to “defend” their very livelihood—especially when they regularly appear on North American television… all I ask is that this dude should do their routine in the ’hood just to see whether their material works on the home audience.

Here is a joke to submit to, say, Chris Rock: “You know what the Israelis have to do to ‘fix’ their ‘problems’ with Palestinians? They need to infiltrate something like crack cocaine into the Palestinian population. You see: the Palestinians are doing oppression sober. They need to get on drugs like ‘normal’ people! At least some weed, right? In about one-generation, the Palestinians will be as run down as a ghetto in Washington D.C. —the ghetto-fabulous children of crack whoredom and pimpdom will be money-grubbing cowards, terrified of each other, desperately trying to move into the Israeli suburbs—not for objective, tactical, socioeconomic reasons but because they truly ‘know’ (without a sober education) the Israelis are ‘better’ people.” Maybe Chris won’t take this… Heck, I don’t think it’s that funny…

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