Server on the Table: A Tale of Two Drives

Two drives I interpreted my own buying decision egocentrically: I bought two hard drives for the server (pictured at left) because modern Microsoft operating systems don’t ‘really’ support drives larger than 120GB (127GB to be exact). I was angry about this and did not ‘trust’ Windows Server 2003 on my brand new 160GB Western Digital drive—so I angrily stuffed the price of an 80GB Western Digital drive on my already stuffed credit card. So this angry guy—pissed off with these bizarre limitations in billionaire operating systems—ended up with a system hard disk (80GB) and a data disk (160GB—limited to 127GB).

When my system ‘failed,’ I thought I lost my data files as well. But it turns out that since my data files are located on a different partition, the OS can be reinstalled to mount the partition. It still may seem extravagant to non-nerds to have two hard drives. But remember folks, I’m the guy who cut the motion picture Ramona Africa: 1992. Work like this is just the beginning—so I’m really going to need the drive space—more in fact. No ego-dominion is respected here.