“Space Station Crew Drinks Up To Recycled Urine” and other links…

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techfragments.com: “So on Wednesday, the crew took their recycled urine and said ‘cheers’ together and toasted the researches and scientists that made the Urine Recycler possible. After drinking the water, they said the taste was great! They also said the water came with labels on it that said ‘drink this when  real water is over 200 miles away.’” In my science fiction visions, I see entire societies surviving on recycled urine. Remember Tang, that other space-age technology?

“Neo-Soul Food Cooking”

black girl lost…in a book: “Combining a straight-to-the-point exposé about the fake food filling our supermarkets and the compelling reasons for choosing organic, local, ‘fair’ food, Grub helps all of us become a part of one of the most hopeful movements of the new century: a revolution in food and farming that is best for our bodies and the earth. With spirited and practical how-to’s for creating an affordable, easy-to-use organic kitchen and dozens of delectable recipes, Grub also offers the millions of people who buy organics fresh ideas and easy ways to cook with them.”

“British boffins unveil band-aid that zaps skin cancer with light”

scifi-meshes.com: “Researchers working on the project say that the glowing band-aids work in just 30 minutes. They are used in conjunction with a light-sensitive cream called Aminolaevulinic Acid that, when rubbed into the skin, attaches itself to the cancerous cells and weakens them, making them highly sensitive to light.”

Maison Le Grand

“What do we do? We make unique pesto, savory tapenades and aromatic sauces for Mary, Robert, John and all those food lovers who appreciate great food.” I like their Garden Pesto.