“Amazon Cuts More Affiliates To Avoid Sales Tax” and other links…

Squarespace iPhone Wallpaperpaidcontent.org: “Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) understandably does not want to collect state sales taxes—and in order to avoid them it’s cutting loose thousands of marketing affiliates who link to Amazon products on their sites in exchange for a cut of sales (See examples of links to the left). The company said Monday that it had terminated its affiliate program in Rhode Island, because a new law there would force companies to collect sales taxes if they have marketing affiliates based in the state, according to the WSJ. That follows a similar move by the company in North Carolina on Friday. Amazon is also fighting a third law in New York.”

IE8: “One Size Doesn’t Fit All”

Dion Almaer: “IE8 is certainly leaps and bounds better than IE6, but neither claiming to support nor actually supporting the functionality of Firefox’s top add-ons is the best way to compete with Firefox’s add-ons ecosystem. Web slices sound delicious, but my personal opinion is that most new features of web browsers today should be implemented as add-ons and not as core features.”

“Implementation Focus: Squarespace”

Yahoo! User Interface Blog: “At the time the decision was made, YUI was the best choice. YUI is a well-designed library that considered the requirements of multiple scenarios, not limiting itself to one or two use cases. It was also one of the few libraries that had an integrated and supported set of widgets. …Also, the fact that YUI is actively maintained and tested so extensively with the Yahoo! homepage is a massive win. No other library we looked at was receiving that sort of extensive testing and coverage. When we have run into speed issues, it’s turned out to be cross-browser issues unrelated to our use of YUI.”

“YUI 3.0.0 beta 1 Available for Download”

Yahoo! User Interface Blog: “This release takes YUI 3 out of its preview phase and brings its APIs to a near-final state. For those intending to implement YUI 3, the 3.0.0 beta 1 release is a good place to begin the transition. If you’ve been working with the latest preview release, George Puckett has provided a comprehensive 3.0.0 beta 1 changelog to guide you. We look forward to hearing your feedback as you begin working with 3.0.0 beta 1, and we’ll work hard to address that feedback as we prepare for a GA release in the coming months.”

“JSON Hijacking”

A Ninja on Fire: “There’s a post at the Mozilla Developer Center which states that object and array initializers should not invoke setters when evaluated, which at this point, I tend to agree with, though a comment to that post argues that perhaps browsers really shouldn’t execute scripts regardless of their content type, which is also a valid complaint. …It seems to me that to be secure by default, the default behavior for accessing JSON should probably be POST and you should opt-in to GET, rather than the other way around as is done with the current client libraries. What do you think? And how do other platforms you’ve worked with handle this? I’d love to hear your thoughts.”

“Firefox’s Command Line Web Interface Gets More Natural”

Webmonkey: “The Ubiquity add-on for Firefox is a ‘command line interface for the web’. It enables you to interact with web services like Google search, Twitter, Yelp, Delicious and Gmail, as well as perform searches on content sites like Amazon, Wikipedia and Flickr. Ubiquity enables you to perform specific tasks, like e-mail a link to a Gmail contact, post a tweet or check the weather, all with just a few keystrokes.”