Flippant Remarks about Dr. Sebi

Buy this product at Amazon.com! I have spent hours watching (listening) to Dr. Sebi videos on YouTube.com as a dwelling background task. Wow. My task now is to summarize this experience into a small package for easy carrying. Here’s a bundle:

  • Your body’s bloodstream has to maintain a constant pH—more poetically: “Your body is on a constant quest to maintain bloodstream alkalinity…”
  • The modern “diet” featuring blood and starch constantly threatens us with bloodstream acidity. In order for your body to defend itself, it leeches minerals (like calcium) from your body (especially the bones) to strive for alkalinity.
  • Since bloodstream acidity does not kill us within a week, “we” traditionally associate health problems that come from an “acid diet” as signs of old age, low intelligence, mental disorder or allergy.
  • Too many popular fruits and vegetables contribute to bloodstream acidity. Too many of these low-pH vegetables (like non-wild rice, beans, wheat and even carrots) are man-made hybrids—the products celebrated by monastic gene splicers like Gregor Mendel. It is easy to see without going any further into the personality and the message of Dr. Sebi that attacks on plant hybridization can be deeply offensive to properly assimilated people of any carbon-based skin color. This is because these “proper” people know that plant hybridization can be credited with supporting the planet’s current, big-ass population and can be regarded as the “savior” from famines far worse than “we” can imagine.
  • Dr. Sebi is not impressed with kombucha. He laughs at the idea that a fungus has to live off of glucose—which implies that this fungus is not natural but a product of human cultivation.
  • Dr. Sebi does not recognize the existence of melanin. Rather, he directs our attention to the minerals, copper, sulfur and carbon, that make up this thing we call melanin. The bodily presence of carbon is directly proportional to the color of skin. Also, copper and carbon are associated with the electricity of the body—this bioelectricity literally powers the mechanics of life.
  • Dr. Sebi wants you to eat food that eliminates the need for the body to work so hard maintaining its bloodstream pH. Dr. Sebi wants you to eat food that directly contributes to the bioelectricity of the body.
  • Dr. Sebi does not recognize the benefits of protein. He reminds us that there is the word “acid” in the phrase “essential amino acids.”
  • According to Dr. Sebi, no contemporary people in Africa are eating a proper, alkaline diet. This is largely due to the infiltration of Islam and Christianity into the cultures. Dr. Sebi points out the Maasai People—who appear to be ancient and unchanged to “us”—have an average life span of 45 years as they literally drink the cow’s blood.
  • Dr. Sebi recommends many ancient, indigenous American foods for consumption—like quinoa, agave nectar and maple syrup. Dr. Sebi credits a Mexican man as the healer that cured him almost a half-century ago and, along with his mother and other wise matriarchs, inspired him to preach the gospel of indigenous bioelectric alkalinity.