What happened today…?

  • Windows XP hung this morning. A mouse driver problem to start the day. Windows XP and Logitech had a few problems with Wacom and Synaptics drivers. Windows XP does not accommodate multiple input devices very well.
  • Installed SUSE in Virtual Server 2005. Found out that old hardware (probably the CD-ROM) made the install impossible on one of my three desktop dev’ boxes.
  • Got Ubuntu VM working. Ubuntu’s default color depth is too high for Virtual PC 2004. One of the op’s guys fixed this for me. Mahjong in GNOME rocks.
  • CleanXHTML Test. Every Blog entry tests CleanXHTML output as shown here. Recent entries refined the XSLT-parameter-based configuration options.
  • Another CleanXHTML Test. Tested the portability of the Persistence Control (otkperst.dll) so that a standalone utility, an “assembly linker,” can be used to associate Word documents with VSTO assemblies. The control appears to work on machines without VSTO installed.