Tofino for Adobe Flex, Azure Tools for ASP.NET MVC Web Roles and CNAME Mapping

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Tremendous! With the release of the WPF and Silverlight BiggestBox, comes the question, ‘What about the third element of the triple threat?’ The ASP.NET MVC BiggestBox needs to be a little more than a relatively passive ‘reference implementation.’ What’s needed is (my Windows Azure Service); this in turn can be CNAME-mapped to Less than 72 hours ago I had no idea that Windows Azure hosts plain-old ASP.NET sites. They do! Tremendous!

What takes me over the top is have the possibility that my Adobe Flex investments can be handled in Visual Studio! What’s even harder to accept is that this can be had for free! I’m looking into this product called Tofino… Success here would give me a quadruple threat!