“How to distribute a Silverlight OOB Application?” and other Google Starred Items…

Kunal Chowdhury: “One of the new features introduced in Silverlight 4 is the silent installation of Silverlight Out-of-Browser application. This means, without user intervention, you can directly install them to their machines. You don’t have to open the browser window to install the OOB app. This is perfect for CD-ROM distribution. You can even automate the process from the CD/DVD media; if the user already has permission to auto run external media.”

“Silverlight Installation and Upgrade Experience”

Mike Taulty: see “Better Silverlight 4.0 Installation and Upgrade Experience” by Andrew Tokeley: “In my example, I’ve created a page specifically tasked with checking for updates. This page is loaded every time the application starts and advises the user if a new update has been installed, otherwise it simply redirects to the main application page. ”

“Download ‘Xap’ Packages on Demand in Silverlight”

Dr. Song Li: “This article introduces a method to download and use ‘XAP’ packages on demand in Silverlight with a Visual Studio example. The Visual Studio solution that comes with this article is developed in Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4. This article assumes the readers having some basic experiences with Silverlight development. If you are new to Silverlight, Scott Guthrie’s blog is the default place for you to get started.”

“Checking if a Remote (HTTP) File Exists”

Kirupa Chinnathambi: “Things are a little bit more tricky when you try to check if a remote file such as something on a HTTP server exists though. Given the nature of requests traveling over a network, there are two things to keep in mind that make performing this check non-trivial…”

“Silverlight book: Silverlight 4 User Interface Cookbook”

Vibor Cipan: “I won’t go into too many details—I suggest you go and learn more about the book on the Silverlight Book webpage that my friends from the FatDUX Zagreb office have kindly prepared for me…”

“Introduction to Shapes in Silverlight 4”

Kunal Chowdhury: “In earlier versions of Silverlight, there are very few shape controls like Rectangle, Ellipse available. But think on creating other shapes like Triangle, Polygon, Ring etc. If you need one of them in the earlier Silverlight version, how will you implement them?”

“File Explorer using Silverlight 4 COM Interoperability”

Kunal Chowdhury: “Earlier to Silverlight 4, we are able to only get file access to some of the location of your Windows Operating System like My Documents. In new version of Silverlight i.e. in Silverlight 4 you can able to access any files and/or folders. Not only this, you can able to get information of any drive, files and folders. Though there is a restriction to run the Silverlight application in Out-of-Browser mode, but it actually benefited for those who want to run it outside browser.”

“Simplified MEF: Dynamically Loading a Silverlight .xap”

Michael Washington: “This article covers material, and uses code, from Glenn Block and Davide Zordan. You will want to read their articles after this one because they go much deeper into what you can do with MEF. The difference with this article is that we will walk through all the steps and we will also use View Model Style for everything.”