“A Critical Deep Dive into the WPF Rendering System” and other links…

Jeremiah Morrill: “If you’ve been following my Twitter stream the last few months, you might have noticed I’ve been taking what looks like some pretty cheap shots at WPF (and Silverlight for that matter) performance. Why would I do that? After all I have invested hundreds, and hundreds of hours of my own time over the years, evangelizing the platform, building libraries, community help, guidance etc. I am by definition, personally invested. I want to see the platforms get better.”

“Designspiration » WP7 App » Marketplace Browser”

Designspiration syndicates feeds from many inspirational design blogs including Design Mind, Core 77, Cool Hunting, Design Observer, FFFFound, Smashing Magazine, Vandelay and more. You can select or deselect the blogs as per your preference. Send us your feedback from the app if we are missing to cover any of your favorites and we’ll add them as an update.”

“Exclusive: Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 concept revealed!”

Vlad Savov: “Look what we’ve found! This is the first image you’ll see anywhere of the early fruit of Microsoft and Nokia’s budding new partnership. We have it on good authority that the technicolor phones on show are conceptual devices produced by the two companies. You shouldn’t, therefore, go jumping to conclusions about retail hardware just yet, but hearts should be warmed by the familiarity of Nokia’s new design—the shape of these handsets is somewhere between its recent N8 and C7 Symbian devices and there is, as usual for Nokia, a choice of sprightly colors. The trio of keys adorning the new concept’s bottom give away its Windows Phone 7 ties, but also remind us that the N8 and E7 are highly unlikely to receive any WP7 upgrade love. The best part about this whole discovery, however, might be that it confirms Steve Ballmer’s assertion that the engineers of both companies have ‘spent a lot of time on this already.’”

“Microsoft $2.25 Billion Debt May Reward Shareholders”

Sapna Maheshwari and John Detrixhe: “Credit quality will weaken among investment-grade issuers this year as companies facing ‘limited’ business opportunities, take advantage of relatively low interest rates to repurchase stock, according to Janney Montgomery Scott LLC. Bonds issued by Microsoft in its last U.S. offering in September have tumbled, while the company’s shares have climbed 14.4 percent.”

“WPF: adding thumbnail buttons to Windows 7 Task Bar”

Brian Lagunas tweeted by Scott Guthrie: “Thumbnail buttons are buttons that can be added over your application’s icon that allow the user to execute custom actions.  If you are using the Windows Scenic theme, the buttons will show just below the applications screenshot when you hover over the application icon in the task bar.”

“WP7: Den Text-Cursor bei der Eingabe von Text exakt positionieren”

Eingestellt von Martin: “Der Finger wird leicht auf den Bildschirm gedrückt und gehalten. Nach einer halben Sekunde erscheint mit einer kleinen Animation ein virtuelles Cursor-Symbol. Weiter den Finger auf dem Bildschirm halten und über den Text (den Bildschirm) bewegen. Das virtuelle Cursor-Symbol folgt der Bewegung des Fingers und bewegt sich durch den Text. Dann einfach den Finger vom Bildschirm nehmen, sobald das Cursor-Symbol an der gewünschten Position ist.”