HR Links

  • Basecamp is the another “great” project manager.
  • Altiris is the great vertical solution that Bryan used to call “all-tris” during staff meetings.
  • Back in the year 2005 in September, I began my lonely quest to “fire my manager.” The urgency of the situation is greatly reduced by forces having nothing to do high-energy politics—so I can get to work and actually get work done—instead of preoccupying myself with reacting to nothing related to getting work done. This reminiscing is inspired by “The 10 Beliefs of Great Managers.” I look forward to working with a “great” manager. In the mean time, I use email to avoid ineffective and confused face-to-face communication—hey, I just ran a teleflip test and it works!
  • When the “cluetrain” pulls into the station for refueling, we should see another Western designed vehicle for false prophets. Oil corporations cannot have “human conversations” with victims of human rights abuse from poor, oil-rich “developing” nations. Telecommunications corporations cannot have a “human conversation” about the technology governments will require to spy on their customers.
  • What’s the second worse thing to tell an IT manager?” Hmm… I recall a phone interview several years ago when I was lectured with the ‘philosophical’ question, “What are the three most important words?” My answer was, ‘I love you.’ My interviewer’s answer was, “I don’t know.” My current answer is, ‘Seek correct information’ which has nothing to do with anything.
  • All this talk about firing managers also leads me to Guy Kawasaki’s “The Art of Intrapreneurship.” I wonder about any famous legal battles that might have come from not understanding Guy’s fifth point: “Put the company first.”