WordPress Upgrade Notes

I spent way too much time trying to get the right glyphs to show up in phpMyAdmin. For some reason now unknown to me, the Windows offline WordPress site shows the glyphs correctly—but, in phpMyAdmin, garbage. This is the current view of the data trail:

  • A MySQL dump to a text file produces UTF8 (?) and is downloaded in a binary FTP format to a Windows machine.
  • In Notepad++, Format > Convert to Windows Format and Format > UTF-8 without BOM are selected. There are so many ways to go wrong here.
  • In phpMyAdmin, the SQL tab is selected and the encoded text file is loaded and run with utf8 encoding.
  • Common sense dictates that the same database users on the live server should be added to the offline, “backup” server. This took me awhile…

It also took way too long to discover that, under the ./rasxlog/wp-admin/ Options tab, both WordPress address (URI): and Blog address (URI): had to be set. I was trying to set these values in phpMyAdmin using the guidance of “Installing WordPress on your own Windows computer.”

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