Why no permalinks?

Two or three working days were spent on eliminating ampersands from the query strings for SonghaySystem.com. This is real basic, simple stuff for any college kid hanging with her Linux gang but for me, my graduation from college was back in 1991.

These days were invested when it became clear that & expanded into & was not going to work for the new Live Bookmark features now in the latest release of Firefox and in a future version of Microsoft Internet explorer.

Reading the WordPress source code shows me that they economize quite a bit with query strings—and I have yet to see them use ampersands. Speaking of WordPress may lead to the question, “Why no permalinks?” SonghaySystem.com and kintespace.com does not have their own permalink structure because Bryan Wilhite is not that competent with the use of regular expressions in .htaccess files. There may be some ‘weirdness’ with .htaccess and my hosting environment (DreamHost.com) but let’s blame me first…

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