Yet another Set of .NET Links

  • Buy this book at
    WSCF—Schema-Based Contract-First Web Services: “A Free Visual Studio Add-In and Command Line Tool for Improved Schema-Based Contract-First Web Services Design and Programming.”
  • WMI Made Easy For C#”: A description of how to handle WMI queries. This experience can’t be hurt by WMI Administrative Tools.
  • “ASP.NET 2.0 How Do I Video Series is here—a must see.”
  • Fun with C# Switches”: This article showed me that the C# switch structure is not as limited as the one in JavaScript.
  • Blogs on VSTO (and Office programmability)”: Brian Jones summarizes VSTO-related Web logs of note.
  • “Should validation be in the UI or in business objects[?]”: This Blog post by Rockford Lhotka renews our look at what many would consider “the basics”—however it was this OOP-centric view that helped me to understand that XSD on the (smart) client or server should drive data validation. Clearly Rocky does not agree with this and I am sure he has his reasons—my first guess is that he is determined to embed behaviors in his data. I am currently unable to agree with this view because I see data as more long lasting than the behaviors related to data. I will need to “upgrade” my behaviors more than my data.
  • How To Validate an XML Document by Using DTD, XDR, or XSD in Visual C# .NET”: Just a reminder…
  • Detecting File Encodings in .NET”: This one promises to illuminate one of the primal problems of data management—character encoding. Very frequently I see news feeds and web sites with bogus characters (empty rectangles or question marks) from people that I think should know better.
  • A “Sample Chapter” from Microsoft Learning: “Programming Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 with XML, Second Edition.” An important quote for my Interop: under “Using the SqlXmlParameter Class”: “For commands that require multiple parameters, just create the SqlXmlParameter objects in the same order as the parameter markers in the command.”