“Uber’s car leasing program turns its drivers into modern-day sharecroppers” and other Tweeted Links…

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Uber’s car leasing program turns its drivers into modern-day sharecroppers [qz.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Why Is Black Lives Matter Activist Facing Four Years in Jail While Stanford Rapist Gets Six Months? [democracynow.org]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] “Nixon Policy Advisor Reveals Drug War Was Created to Suppress ‘Anti-War Left and Black People’” and other Tw… [bit.ly]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Why black students are nearly 4 times as likely to be suspended [blavity.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] “We don’t update our biases, even after they lead us astray” [arstechnica.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Disadvantaged students stay in college if they’re told everyone struggles [arstechnica.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] The Role of the Black Churches During the Civil Rights Movement [blackthen.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Looking Black on Today: Homer Plessy Ignited the Famous Plessy v. Ferguson Case [blackthen.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] New device lets traffic cops seize money from your bank account [news9.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Juanita Shanks Craft: Organized and Formed 182 Rural NAACP Chapters [blackthen.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] How an African Student invited Malcolm X to Oxford Union debate [blackstarnews.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Freedom of speech is in retreat [economist.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Niche Dating Apps Like the League Are Icky and Bad for Love [wired.com] @tamtamsworld

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Nationwide faulty software update breaks Lexus cars’ maps and radio systems [bbc.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] “the Cherokee children in her study were now better behaved than the control group” [medium.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] If no-one helps you after a car crash in India, this is why [bbc.co.uk]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Selfishness Is Learned: “We tend to be cooperative unless we think too much” [nautil.us]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Indian Students Lured by Recruiters Asked to Leave University [nytimes.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Chinese ‘Nail Houses’ Won’t Budge for New Development (2015) [citylab.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] It’s sleazy, it’s totally illegal, and it could become the future of retirement [washingtonpost.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Ancient Phoenician DNA may change the way we see human migration [csmonitor.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] An 18th Century North African Travelling Physician’s Handbook [britishlibrary.typepad.co.uk]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Want to Live on Mars? You’ll Need to Make Some Martian Bricks [wired.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] “The cars will start to smell about a day into the journey.” [medium.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] The Story of Tetris [denofgeek.us]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Ootside – Weather from a brutally honest Scottish perspective [ootsi.de] @tamtamsworld

the kinte space [KinteSpace] 70% of Facebook users only read the headline of stories before commenting [thesciencepost.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Trying to Translate Chinese Poetry [lareviewofbooks.org]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] 1,000-Year-Old Manuscript of Beowulf Digitized and Now Online [openculture.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] My open-source, do-it-yourself cellphone (2013) [blog.arduino.cc]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] We won the battle for Linux, but we’re losing the battle for freedom [linuxjournal.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Studio Ghibli producer’s sexist stance on directors is just part of the problem [theverge.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] O.J.: Made in America Is a Rigorous, Infinitely Absorbing Documentary [wired.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Bilal Shares The Story Of Every Prince Encounter Gone Wrong [bit.ly]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Isabel Wilkerson Reviews Yaa Gyasi’s ‘Homegoing’ [nyti.ms]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Roy DeCarava: Great American Artist and Photographer of Harlem, New York [blackthen.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Watch Video of the Film Restoration Process for Kino Loeber’s ‘Pioneers of African-American Cinema’ [shadowandact.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] .@Haki_k_Shakur dig this book right here on Kindle: Black Odyssey by Nathan Irvin Huggins [amazon.com] [twitter.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] kids on @TheGrapevineTV chat about a movie trying to see Nina Simone and will probably not mention Simone’s daughter [youtube.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] .@RowenaMonde should you have time to listen to Angela Davis in 1991 please do: [kintespace.com] #brollplayertest

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Billionaire Launches Free Code College in California [news.slashdot.org] @iayori

Ayori Selassie [iAyori]@BryanWilhite developers need great nutrition to support the brains growth. They need tech companies to sponsor their cafeteria.

Ayori Selassie [iAyori]@BryanWilhite Anyone willing to work & dedicate themselves to learning engineering should have any basic needs obstacle removed

Ayori Selassie [iAyori]@BryanWilhite in return they should commit to volunteering their services to support education and other social services in the future

Ayori Selassie [iAyori]@BryanWilhite they should also have a challenge room where engineers could go and solve problems for small biz, NGOs etc for prizes

Ayori Selassie [iAyori]@BryanWilhite The challenge room should also provide course credits so if someone learns better by doing they may spend much more time there

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