the kinté cast podcast site is gone (but coming back)

kinté cast podcast I got an email from PayPal a few weeks back telling me that Libsyn will no longer auto-bill the Songhay System. This was the first sign that Libsyn terminated our account. My instant reaction was what it is right about now: when a company does not even bother to notify me about a catastrophic change (and said company is not an evil monopoly) then leave that company.

Now it is possible that the kinté cast podcast went stale for too long and was considered inactive. So it may even be fair to terminate the account to stop charging $6/month for nothing. In this case, its kind of cool to be cut off. So, anyway, here is the plan to get the ‘inactive’ kinté cast back on its little, tiny feet:

  • The index entries for the kinté cast should be marked inactive to prevent them from showing up on
  • Any deep links into episodes have to redirect to an updated 404 page, with a blurb about this situation.
  • The episodes should be uploaded to YouTube and relevant links redirected there.

Unless my miserable life has truly changed for the better, this process should not take 3,000 years. I am trying to get off of geologic time.

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