“Decades after civil rights gains, black teachers a rarity in public schools” and other Tweeted Links…

Robert Scheer [Robert_Scheer] Decades after civil rights gains, black teachers a rarity in public schools [fb.me]

BlackInformant [BlackInformant] Ga. Mom: Son Expelled After She Questioned ‘American History’ Display During Black History Month [theroot.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Some Colleges Have More Students From the Top 1 Percent Than the Bottom 60. Find Yours. – The New York Times [nytimes.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Insane Clown President: Matt Taibbi Chronicles Election of “Billionaire Hedonist” Donald Trump | Democracy Now! [democracynow.org]

Jamie Broadnax [JamieBroadnax] Crine 😂 [twitter.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Deaths in Israeli demolition of Palestinian Bedouin homes [youtube.com] => @mmbilal, @WorldProfessor

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Ukraine, a “Supermarket” for Guns – The New Yorker [newyorker.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Olatorera Oniru’s [dressmeoutlet.com] Is One Of Afrika’s Fastest Growing Online Fashion Retailers [iafrikan.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Alibaba founder Jack Ma at Davos on US history with globalization – Business Insider [businessinsider.com] » @YvetteDC

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Ethiopian Airlines Brand New A350-900XWB Cloud Nine Business Class Flight Review [youtube.com]

ERS [LenderRisk] Order Historical Aerials and Topographic Maps to help identify past-use of your property! [reccheck.com] [twitter.com]

Doug Miner 40 South [40SouthNews] Historical aerials show disappearing neighborhoods, dumps becoming retail [40southnews.com] @DigitizingStl [twitter.com]

North Bay GIS [NorthBayGIS] View historical aerials with @CityofSantaRosa Aerial Viewer. Years include 1942, 1963, 1977, and up to the present.… [twitter.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] young bruh, Nice is an old mercantile city in Southern Europe and that is why we cannot have “nice” things

the kinte space [KinteSpace] An Animated Introduction to Theodor Adorno & His Critique of Modern Capitalism | Open Culture [openculture.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] How Venice Became the Most Expensive Neighborhood in Los Angeles | L.A. Weekly [laweekly.com] => @Curbed, @ElvinaBeck

the kinte space [KinteSpace] CIA puts almost 12 million declassified files online for the first time – The Verge [theverge.com] => @RasOmowale, @tonetalks

Super 70s Sports [Super70sSports] Back when it was still socially acceptable to roam the neighborhood with your realistic-as-hell M-16. [twitter.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Chinese Officials With Government Access To Every Kind Of Personal Data Are Selling It Online | Techdirt [techdirt.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Mark Zuckerberg has a small army of Facebook employees who delete comments on his page – The Verge [theverge.com] => @YvetteDC

Phenomenal Woman [Olivetoneddiva]@CecileBruxelles#Blacksoot from my window blinds in 24hrs. #portharcourt #Riversstate #Nigeria [twitter.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] young bruh, the collective euro memory around dark skin has more to do with frostbite and plague than your afro genome

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isn’t listening | Mosaic [mosaicscience.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Most engineers are white — and so are the faces they use to train software – Recode [recode.net] => @iAyori, @shanselman

the kinte space [KinteSpace] In Order For Science To Grow, We Need To Change The Narrative Around Its Role In Society [iafrikan.com] @iafrikan

the kinte space [KinteSpace] young bruh, the euro poetics around the use of the word “dark” is more about that 10,000-year ice age and night wolves than your melanin

The Crisis Magazine [thecrisismag] Alexis Pauline Gumbs: About Feminism and Black Love. [thecrisismagazine.com] #books #feminism #BlackLove [twitter.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] VTV Classics (r3): Robert Mapplethorpe: A Season in Hell / Patti Smith (2009) [vernissage.tv] @vernissagetv => @RowenaMonde

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Read an excerpt from Taiyo Fujii’s upcoming sci-fi novel, Orbital Cloud – The Verge [theverge.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] As Audiences Continue to Discover ‘I Am Not Your Negro’, Raoul Peck Premieres ‘The Young Karl Marx’ [shadowandact.com] » @TallArtGirl

the kinte space [KinteSpace] A Kinetic Sculpture That Clops – Core77 [core77.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] The Met has released more than 375,000 images that you can use for free – The Verge [theverge.com] « @openculture » @megafunkmega

Malika Bilal [mmbilal] A Bleak Read: Why Dystopian Fiction Is Popular Now – #1A [buff.ly] cc @clarfton [twitter.com]

Blavity [Blavity] See artist Ronald Wimberly’s amazing black history illustrations, now collected by Image Comics… [twitter.com]

megafunk visual [megafunkmega] I just submitted “Pajaud: Art + Work” to @LAFilmFestival via [filmfreeway.com].

megafunk visual [megafunkmega] Still going through SpiritAward docs. Sonita has impressed me immensely. Felt/learned so much @filmindependent @womenmakemovies @KinteSpace

Mark Weinstein [Bluenatic] Saluting @MrChuckD & the entire @PublicEnemyFTP family on the 30th anniversary of the release of Yo! Bum Rush the S… [twitter.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] “hotep hustlers” are easy to spot with their love of money [songhaysystem.com] => @THEMINDOFMARCUS

the kinte space [KinteSpace] A General of The Empire of Japan fantasized about Marcus Garvey leading an army [songhaysystem.com] => @THEMINDOFMARCUS, @Blaque_Madonna

the kinte space [KinteSpace] young bruh, know thyself: know when you deduce, induce or abduce [en.wikipedia.org]

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Young bruh, I walked past you sleeping in your car in the employee parking lot. Mom’s house too noisy late at night with white man’s TeeVee.

Brittney Pressley [brittpressley_] you don’t even love you, how you love me?

the kinte space [KinteSpace] young bruh, we’ re superior when we still perform under what others call “overwhelming” expectations of failure -that’s why we swagger.

the kinte space [KinteSpace] young bruh, I can talk about white folks all day long because they are a rapey part of my family, fused into my blood #AfricanAmerican

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