“Report: No progress for African Americans on homeownership, unemployment and incarceration in 50 years…” and other Tweeted Links…

The Crisis Magazine [thecrisismag]
Report: No progress for African Americans on homeownership, unemployment and incarceration in 50 years… [fb.me]

Bree Newsome [BreeNewsome]
It’s arguably problematic to describe Black America as having made “no progress” in 50 yrs. It’s not & has never be… [twitter.com]

Tananarive Due [TananariveDue]
My late mother constantly warned about this. // Half-century of US civil rights gains have stalled or reversed, rep… [twitter.com]

BlackStudies at Duke [DukeAAAS]
“Blacks who have a college degree have two-thirds of the net worth of whites who never finished high school … An… [twitter.com]

KOLUMN Magazine [KOLUMN_Magazine]
How Native Americans are taking back their ancestors’ remains | Timeline [kolumnmagazine.com] [twitter.com]

Ruth H. Hopkins [RuthHHopkins]
45 years ago today, some 200 Oglala Lakota & members of the American Indian Movement occupied Wounded Knee to prote… [twitter.com]

Ruth H. Hopkins [RuthHHopkins]
In his ruling, the judge essentially tells tribes they have no right to complain about the environmental review pro… [twitter.com]

Al Jazeera News [AJENews]
“They didn’t want me to keep both my blouse and my sweater. I had to pick one to keep, so I chose my sweater.” [aje.io]

Mark Anthony Neal [NewBlackMan]
How Chicago Ticket Debt Sends Black Motorists Into Bankruptcy — A cash-strapped city employs punitive measures to… [twitter.com]

Lamont Lilly [LamontLilly]

#JoshWilliams was a ground organizer & youth leader of the #FergusonUprising. He is still incarcerated as a U.S. po… [twitter.com]

Garance Franke-Ruta [thegarance]
Antisemitic incidents in US soar to highest level in two decades [theguardian.com]

Al Jazeera News [AJENews]
“Unwed mothers are invisible here in Korea” [aje.io] [twitter.com]

KOLUMN Magazine [KOLUMN_Magazine]
Black Incarceration Rates Are Dropping While White Rates Rises, But What’s Really Behind This Surprising Trend?… [twitter.com]

Lamont Lilly [LamontLilly]
Racial Capitalism and the Dark Proletariat [bostonreview.net]

BlackInformant [BlackInformant]
Racism and money are at the core of the NBA’s one-and-done rule

Malika Bilal [mmbilal]
How did Anas Aremeyaw Anas become Africa’s most feared journalist? We got a chance to meet @anasglobal on @AJStream[twitter.com]

Bad-Hombre Gonzales [MATTtheG]
“What white Americans have never fully understood—but what the Negro can never forget—is that white society is deep… [twitter.com]

Mark Anthony Neal [NewBlackMan]


The Crisis Magazine [thecrisismag]
Ida. B. Wells-Barnett ran for the Illinois State legislature, which made her one of the first Black women to run fo… [twitter.com]

Nkisi Babaoké [Henry_James]
A gem 💎 from ancestor/eggun Baba Wilson [twitter.com]

Left of Black [LeftOfBlack]
WATCH: New Doc Highlights The Black History of Punk [colorlines.com] via @colorlines

Blavity [Blavity]
Albert Einstein’s work in civil rights is often unrecognized — but in 1946, he visited HBCU Lincoln University and… [twitter.com]

Tadias Magazine [TadiasNews]
Ethiopia: The Victory of Adwa, An Exemplary Triumph to the Rest of Africa [tadias.com] [twitter.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace]
Black History Month 2018 : James Baldwin & Toni Morrison pour moi ! [youtu.be]

This Is Africa [ThisIsAfricaTIA]
Microsoft to equip Ghanaian teacher Owura Kwadwo who teaches ICT without a computer.
[thisisafrica.me] [twitter.com]

Mark Anthony Neal [NewBlackMan]
The Silicon Spies: Public Money and Private Surveillance — by @yashalevine [lithub.com] via @lithub

Al Jazeera English [AJEnglish]
This French engineer designed a special igloo for the homeless in Paris to stay warm through winter. [twitter.com]

Steve Keen [ProfSteveKeen]
How quantised inertia gets rid of dark matter | Mike McCulloch | TEDxPly… [youtu.be] via @YouTube

Thomas Lin [7homaslin]
Our @QuantaMagazine interview with mathematical statistician Donald Richards mentioned in a @MotherJones politics b… [twitter.com]

Center for Bio Div [CenterForBioDiv]
This male American woodcock has some glide in his stride and some dip in his hip. Here he is performing an early mo… [twitter.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace]
Back Pain May Be The Result Of Bending Over At The Waist Instead Of The Hips : Shots – Health News : NPR [npr.org]

Open Culture [openculture]
Large Archive of Hannah Arendt’s Papers Digitized by the Library of Congress.

Read Her Lectures, Drafts of Article… [twitter.com]

medievalpoc [medievalpoc]
Hans Vintler
Solomon and the Queen of Sheba Worshiping an Idol
Austria (1411)
Die Blumen der Tugend/Flowers of Virt… [twitter.com]

medievalpoc [medievalpoc]
Wanna see drawings from the 1600s of almost everything that exists? Here’s a few thousand works by Stefano Della Be… [twitter.com]

BlackInformant [BlackInformant]
Why Hasn’t the Hip-Hop Boom Pushed More Black Executives to the Top? [billboard.com]

Hollywood Reporter [THR]
.@ava: “We sit on top of a broken system. Unless there is systemic change, we’re just the sparkly stuff on top that… [twitter.com]

Shadow and Act [shadowandact]

#BlackPanther costume designer @IAmRuthECarter will work on Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff, ‘Silver & Black.’… [twitter.com]

Museum of Fine Arts [mfaboston]
Can you name #5WomenArtists? This month we’re joining @WomenInTheArts & cultural institutions around the world to c… [twitter.com]

Tananarive Due [TananariveDue]
ICYMI: @VanityFair‘s story on @JordanPeele‘s visit to my @UCLA black horror class centering @GetOutMovie, The Sunke… [twitter.com]

awave [awaveproaudio]
MOOG – Sonic Origins | Moor Mother – AWAVE [fb.me]

A. K. Toney [readingispoetry]
The New Jazz Torchbearer: Kamasi Washington on His Musical Message [rollingstone.com]

Open Culture [openculture]
What’s the Difference Between Stanley Kubrick’s & Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (A Side-by-Side Comparis… [twitter.com]

hyperallergic [hyperallergic]
Robert Bechtle’s photorealist pictures of suburban California resist exoticism as much as Delacroix’s paintings of… [twitter.com]

Zifeng Liu [zifeng_liu]
Reading Gerard Horne’s exciting new book, published by @NYUpress #AfroAsianSolidarity [twitter.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace]
Debussy: the musical genius who erupted out of nowhere | The Spectator [spectator.co.uk]

the kinte space [KinteSpace]
me got the lyrics wrong but got the intent right:


these are the words
of a master
one white man telli… [twitter.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace]
Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Speak Life (Official Video) [youtu.be]

the kinte space [KinteSpace]
Middle Earth and the Perils of World Building [youtube.com]

the kinte space [KinteSpace]
“Atacora Fonio is Traditionally harvested & produced through a partnership with farmers in Benin, Africa …Fonio has… [twitter.com]

Leesha [xsparkage]
Found this on reddit (u/someothermate) this is the funniest thing I have ever seen [twitter.com]

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