“When we organized in Ferguson, we were labeled thugs & criminals…” and other Tweeted Links…

Clifton Kinnie [CliftonKinnie]
When we organized in Ferguson, we were labeled thugs & criminals. 800 of us walked out for #MikeBrown. The media sa… [twitter.com]

🤠🏳️‍🌈 [Sad_NDN_Girl]
Twitter un-verifying the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s account after the main DAPL protests ended is a perfect metaph… [twitter.com]

🌺WomensLiberation 🌸 [BlackFemmeinism]
Afro Mexicans are being DEPORTED to Haiti btw because Mexican government wants to act like slavery was never a part… [twitter.com]

Mark Anthony Neal [NewBlackMan]
Little To No Punishment For Prison Staff Charged With Crimes [tinyurl.com]

Left of Black [LeftOfBlack]
An Epidemic Of ‘Modern-Day Redlining’ [tinyurl.com] via @state_of_things

Los Angeles Times [latimes]
There are 58,000 homeless people in Los Angeles county. That’s a stunning, bewildering, tragic number – in a region… [twitter.com]

Cory Doctorow [doctorow]
World Bank recommends that countries eliminate minimum wage, dismantle wrongful dismissal rules, and contractual pr… [twitter.com]

ProPublica [ProPublica]
We obtained the chat logs of Atomwaffen, a notorious white supremacist group. When a member was charged with killin… [twitter.com]

bryan renaud [therealrenaud]
Reminder: The @NRA headquarters is a GUN-FREE ZONE 😂😂😂 [twitter.com]

Alyssa Milano [Alyssa_Milano]

#NetNeutrality is NOT dead yet! We need #OneMoreVote to pass a Senate resolution to block the repeal. Join the mass… [twitter.com]

Paste Magazine [PasteMagazine]
Breaking: Prince didn’t know he was taking the Fentanyl that killed him: [goo.gl] [twitter.com]

Ava DuVernay [ava]
The Trumps and the Kanyes of the world can’t hold a candle to this man. A hero who is truly making America great, i… [twitter.com]

Kamala Harris [KamalaHarris]
Since Shirley Chisholm’s brilliance and boldness opened doors, countless others have been inspired to follow in her… [twitter.com]

The Crisis Magazine [thecrisismag]
“In our glorious fight for civil rights, we must guard against being fooled by false slogans, such as ‘right-to-wor… [twitter.com]

Jacobin [jacobinmag]
The 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was commemorated in Warsaw yesterday with banners from the Nafta… [twitter.com]

We're History [werehist]
Memphis race riots began #OnThisDay in 1866 with white mobs attacking recently-discharged Af-American Union soldier… [twitter.com]

Margo Natalie Crawford [BlackPostBlack]
1971 Dr. James H. Cone speaks at seminar on African American theology an… [youtu.be] via @YouTube

Quintard Taylor [QuintardTaylor]
Folks, I need your help. This photo of Howard University Zoology Professor Gloria Hixon appeared in Life Magazine… [twitter.com]

Rebecca Boyle [rboyle31]
What a rare and special home we share. One of Earth’s strangest and most unique features, its moving crust, might b… [twitter.com]

The Public Archive [public_archive]
Mapped: 18 places in LA where black architects left their mark: [la.curbed.com] via @CurbedLA

Project Gutenberg [gutenberg_org]
The Feynman Lectures on Physics, the most popular physics book ever written, is now completely online – the 3 volum… [twitter.com]

Open Culture [openculture]
World’s first ocean plastic clean-up machine set to launch [independent.co.uk]

The Public Archive [public_archive]
UCLA prof develops algorithms to hunt Black and Brown people [theverge.com]

Nature's Beauty❣️ [naturebeauty_s]
Mercury, Venus and Saturn above the pyramids of Giza, Egypt. This occurs once every 2373 years. [twitter.com]

Moritz Stefaner [moritz_stefaner]
Under the sun

There’s one spot in the world right now,
where the sun is exactly overhead,
and it’s this one:… [twitter.com]

Jepchumba [digitalafrican]
Modern African Color Guide 04 [africandigitalart.com] [twitter.com]

BBC News Africa [BBCAfrica]
Ostracised and fetishised: The perils of travelling as a young black woman [bbc.in]

Marci Ien [MarciIen]
It happened again. I had to write. [theglobeandmail.com]

Stefano Pesce [stefano_pesce]
Paul Klee
Pink Spring in deep Winter [twitter.com]

Sasha Dugdale [SashaDugdale]
Marina Tsvetaeva’s wooden fountain pen, engraved with her name, in a book of clean drafts of poems from 1932-33… [twitter.com]

Black Art Project [BlackArtProject]
Peggy Cooper Cafritz: “A Civil-Rights Visionary’s Collection of Artists of Color” [thecut.com] via @thecut

Cory Doctorow [doctorow]
2,000+ awesome hieroglyphs, coming soon to Unicode
[boingboing.net] [twitter.com]

Open Culture [openculture]
Vanguard “is the largest institutional shareholder of American Outdoor Brands, the maker of the AR-15 assault rifle… [twitter.com]

Open Culture [openculture]
A Free 700-Page Chess Manual Explains 1,000 Chess Tactics in Plain English [bit.ly] [twitter.com]

Open Culture [openculture]
Aldous Huxley Tells Mike Wallace What Will Destroy Democracy: Overpopulation, Drugs & Insidious Technology (1958)… [twitter.com]

Open Culture [openculture]
See the First “Drum Machine,” the Rhythmicon from 1931, and the Modern Drum Machines That Followed Decades Later… [twitter.com]

Open Culture [openculture]
Hear Arthur C. Clarke Read 2001: A Space Odyssey: A Vintage 1976 Vinyl Recording.

This is pretty special… [twitter.com]

Open Culture [openculture]
Hear the Very First Pieces of Ambient Music, Erik Satie’s Furniture Music (Circa 1917) [goo.gl] [twitter.com]

Mark Anthony Neal [NewBlackMan]
A new study of more than 2 million books reveals that on average, books by women are priced 45 percent lower than t… [twitter.com]

Mark Anthony Neal [NewBlackMan]
Thankful for @neildsroberts @sylvianeanna @BlackPostBlack + the Late #DerrickBell whose work helped me think throug… [twitter.com]

SchomburgCenter [SchomburgCenter]
A Poetry Collection That Squints Hard at the Culture, in Pain and in Joy via @nytimes | Read more on the latest wor… [twitter.com]

Michael A. Gonzales [gonzomike]
Julian Mayfield, star of the 1968 classic Up Tight, was also the author of three novels. Read about his life and li… [twitter.com]

Elva Diane Green [elvagreen1232]
Hi! If you are looking for something to do, check this out. My NPR interview about my filmmaker, radio star father,… [twitter.com]

New York Magazine [NYMag]
Nine decades after Zora Neale Hurston wrote Barracoon, about the final slave-ship survivor,
the book will be releas… [twitter.com]

Robert Macfarlane [RobGMacfarlane]
Word of the day: “holloway” – an ancient sunken path, harrowed down into landscape by centuries of rainfall, wheel-… [twitter.com]

soulphoodie [soulphoodie]
FAU professor Steven Smith Opens Vegan Fine Foods™, an Exclusively Plant-Based Gourmet Grocery and Dine-In / Take-O… [twitter.com]

Hannah Goldfield [hannahgoldfield]
Queer Eye is fine but I would like a companion show with butch women helping straight women who want to feel comfor… [twitter.com]

Architectural Digest [ArchDigest]
15 gifts college grads will actually use in their adult lives: [archdg.co] #GetClever [twitter.com]

Dubuisson© [13Dubuisson]
We finally get to the root of CPT [twitter.com]

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