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Office Web-casts

WordML and XSLT” and “Digital Signatures in InfoPath 2003” are destined to be classics of Office cinema.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Violates CSS level 2 Fixed Positioning

Someone has a fix for it. But no design of mine calls for it.

Stare at Naked Web Service Output

So there’s the schema reference in this sample query. I was thinking with playing around with InfoPath and then PHP, its xml_parse_into_struct() function. …Trying to dig into the details and not getting much out of it.

Exposing XML Not For Web Services

I must remind myself that Design Guidelines Update: Exposing XML Data by Krzysztof Cwalina is not about Web services. I read the word “exposing” and jump to conclusions.

Frugging with Beta Bits

Fritz Onion struggles with changes to beta 2 of ASP.NET 2.0. I can hardly keep up with him. It’s about the code separation model, featuring partial classes and hiding auto-generated code in separate files.

More Typography over HTTP

The Trouble With EM ’n EN (and Other Shady Characters)” is always reassuring to read. Every now and then I start to get lonely out here caring about classic typography issues at Internet speed.

Ralf’s Sudelbücher

How to Integrate Your Own XML Document Types into VS.NET Projects is probably printed out and sitting in or on a file somewhere. And now it’s here. What’s covered in this article should not be necessary in the next version of Visual Studio .NET. Right?

Patrick Tisseghem’s SmartParts and SharePoint

Far be it from me to pooh pooh self-promoters. Internetworking personal computers requires self promotion in this Darwinist groove thang so “Microsoft Silent on the SmartPart” piques my interest—not because I think that Microsoft is silent about XHTML as well—it’s because SharePoint is a difficult product to install and it’s slow by default. So anyone coming up with simpler designs in SharePoint is welcome.

Don Box Speaks

In “Huge Security Hole in Solaris and JVM” Don covers “three kinds of code”: verifiable and managed, non-verifiable and managed and non-verifiable and unmanaged. My flawed guess is that he working so hard on Indigo that a Blog post like this is few and far between.

Code Project Articles on Using MSHTML in .NET

I am trying to stall and wait for Windows Forms 2.0 to come out. But just in case I am forced to produced a smart client under .NET 1.1, these articles will be so damn relevant: “Component-Based Development with Visual C#,” “Using MSHTML Advanced Hosting Interfaces,” “Embed Win32 resources in C# programs,” “Create Desktop Widget Using Embedded IE Browser,” “Giving desktop applications a Web look” and ResHacker.