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February 7, 2005, Chicago

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Chicago Creative Arts on Line’s
Inaugural event at
the HOT HOUSE Chicago.
January 7, 2005

Tribute to John Coltrane
Ari Brown Tenor sax
Ernest Dawkins, Alto Sax,
Kirk Brown Piano
Isaiah Spencer Drums
Carl Testa Bass

“Trane’s Example,” written by Ari brown
“I don’t know?”, written by Carl Testa
“Chi town Shuffle” written by Ernest Dawkins
“Inaugural improvisations” by Ernest Dawkins

“Karma,” written by Corey Wilkes
Corey Wilkes—trumpet
Greg Ward—alto Saxophone
Josh Abrams—bass
Justin Dillard—piano
Isaiah Spencer—drums.

“VS-2” by Greg Ward
Corey Wilkes—trumpet
Greg Wardalto—saxophone
Josh Abrams—bass
Justin Dillard—piano
Isaiah Spencer—drums.