Today’s Media Events

Planned Mashin’

Some PSTOLA joints are on These homies were covered in a previous Blog post. One of the earliest kinté space poets, Roland Poet X, has posted a large portion of his video collection on One of the founding members of the L.A. Collective, Salongo Lee is interviewed on

The MTV poet Saul Williams is kickin’ it with DJ Krust in a music video on in yet another ass-smacking version of “Coded Language.” You can’t be accused of player hating when you notice just how much Vaseline (or some other oil) is used by the makeup artist for this one. (This is just an innocent observation, Saul.)

Back on the Vaseline-free streets, the star of “keeping real” is streetgangs of, with close to 300 hundred subscribers and over 15,000 views. One classic here in the rasx() context is “Afrika Bambaataa on Hip Hop, gangs and the 5th element.”

For a future of live MCs looking for living papyrus instead of dead scrolls, do check out “ of dead prez.”

Finally for today, this video is just cool.

Google Video is Still Around

On June 7, 2006 Jen Fitzpatrick, Engineering Director at Google, tries to make a “design philosophy” out of the simple fact that the founders of Google have no poems expressing their undying love for HTML in particular and the W3C in general. In fact, Jen makes my case by stating in her talk on Google Video that the reason why Google has such a minimalist, “clean” look is because the founders wanted use as little HTML as possible to hook their precious (and extremely valuable) search engine to the public. Based on my extensive use of Google properties, there is probably not one page that has standards compliant HTML. It is this uncelebrated history of Google that influences my decisions about using any Google library or API related to the user interface.

Back in the real world, my Google Video recommendation is “How to Avoid Being Arrested by the Cops.”


Again, Frank Miller was the comic book super star of my childhood. But, again, as stated in a previous post, the movie 300 is a ‘culturally sincere shout out to fascism.’ According to the Turkish Daily News, the entire nation of Iran is outraged by 300 in “Iran outraged by Hollywood war epic.”

Media Production Tools

There is a new version of OpenLaszlo, version 4.0. Maybe this can be interpreted as laziness for Laszlo but I look forward to seeing some screen-casts for OpenLaszlo. Get the evangelism going folks!

YUI 2.2.0 was released back in February. I was not moved to replace my production code with this release because my eyes fell upon words like DataTable Control (beta) and Button Control (beta)—that’s too many betas for me.

Yahoo! offers to host the YUI code base for you! This concept sounds cool. But for some reason, I’m still listening…

EclipseXUL provides support for XUL development in Eclipse. This article “ XUL-Enhanced Web Apps” shows that XUL and XHTML can be used according to “progressive enhancement.” So it would make even more sense to develop XUL in Eclipse.

DivX Author came to my attention back in January. It seemed interesting back then to have the ability to build a DVD interactive experience without the need for a DVD player.

There is Flash video player out there for those of us who want our personal Also, is out there for those of us who want a ‘better’ (different)

I’m not sure that I understand the advantage of “swfIR: swf Image Replacement.”

Reading about CSS is not as fun as it seems. The article, “A List Apart: Articles: Multi-Column Layouts Climb Out of the Box,” awaits.