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Buy this Book at!YUI WordPress Plug-ins Fall behind Matt’s Current Build

What is both surprising and disappointing to me is that my favorite and most-used “Web 2.0” style WordPress plug-in, Yahoo! Shortcuts, can’t be used with WordPress 2.5.x. Ditto for the YUI: Rich Text Editor for WordPress Plugin. Is Microsoft buy-out malaise that deep?

Also sprach Zarathustra

The most famous sample from DJ Stanley Kubrick is the first few seconds of the tone poem by Richard Strauss, “Also sprach Zarathustra” used in the classic 2001—A Space Odyssey. This move started the whole field of picking pre-recorded music for film.

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Buy this Book at!“CSS in Flex is not real CSS at all”

Steve Kwan, user experience designer: “Let’s just be blunt: Flex doesn’t support CSS. It supports some rudimentary stylesheet language that was concocted by the boys at Adobe. It does not support CSS. A layperson might mistake Flex’s ‘CSS’ for real CSS, but a seasoned Web designer will be able to tell the difference in a matter of minutes.”

Microsoft avoided many such accusations by building a proprietary equivalent of everything “cool” that came through the red tape of the W3C in the form of XAML. Adobe apparently does not have enough resources to perform such a feat and still directs us developers to wish for more browser-like functionality in Flex/Flash. This is a very strange Mobius strip tease: is Flash/Flex ‘inside’ of the browser or is the browser ‘inside’ of Flex/Flash?

The Flickr Uploadr Team Chooses XULRunner

Crowley: “Straight C? No. Java Swing? Adobe AIR? XULRunner? So many choices, each with advantages and disadvantages. I ended up choosing to work with Mozilla’s XULRunner, which is what makes up the guts of Firefox and Thunderbird. The main advantages of XULRunner were the ability to link in outside code libraries (like GraphicsMagick) and the availability of real multithreading.”

I notice serious threading issues with AIR applications like Adobe Media Player. It was shocking to experience a sense of sluggishness (and a sense of waiting for things to happen one at a time) with an application built by Adobe. This can’t be due to the technology itself because Stephan Janssen, the guy who built, uses a Flex design that makes me feel speed and responsiveness.