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A Twitter subsystem sent me an email alerting me to a reply from one of the black-woman academic professional profiles that my @KinteSpace account follows:

deleted reply on twitter

This reply was deleted. The tweet from me that inspired her for a second to reply was one of about fifty (or more) that I found and tagged her account to alert her to what I found. I “find” interesting articles online though my Feedly (RSS) newsreader service. I “arrogantly” assume that few, iPhone-era people read daily RSS feeds to systematically replace the traditional habit of reading the newspaper every morning. This arrogance of mine you might regard as trolling, where I play the role of some body-shame-worthy, black creature living under a bridge trying to throw shit on innocents dressed in white.

So, after I find these articles in my Feedly, I use HootSuite to queue my selections upwards of three months into the future. More than a few of these queued tweets are tagged with Twitter handles I have collected from my marketing research. There are literally hundreds of queued tweets waiting to “harass” peoples of all skin colors and genders. I could die tomorrow and still bug people for at least three months from the afterlife.

So, back to this Twitter subsystem. It betrayed yet another moment of abstract murder. Twitter gave me a glimpse into a moment when yet another cyber sister decided to not reach out me. She killed the life link and chose to do the “safe” thing. Of course, I am ignoring the content of her outreach—I am just so “desperate” for the outreach from this particular segment of the demographic.

The content is of course reeking of egocentric rivalry—just like how young/inexperienced coders in the IT world go around talking like gunslingers looking for gunfights. Like the typical, modern, urban black woman: the only effort of outreach she would have been willing to make is just to let me know how well she is doing without me or (with a subtle suggestion that she is doing better than me).

Thanks, Mean Joe.

Now I could point out the dozens upon dozens of times this trolling-by-tagging works perfectly. But, since I was born and raised in the world capitol of egocentrism, Fox news tells me to lead with the bitchyness. I could also point out that this reply was deleted because of yet another black person self-censoring for fear of powerful, white third parties. This self-muzzling could also come from the other famous black need to not disclose anything systematic and technical about the creative process in order to appear patriarchal-masculine, mysterious and white-beard, Stockholm-syndrome godlike.

I’m just guessing …and testing my guesses…

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ga-ga goo gaah
ga-ga goo ga-gaah

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