i have never met a woman
outside the culture of domination

i have never met a woman
who was not a willing participant
in a system of exploitation

what’s a working girl to do?

she can invite a feast of ‘friends’
charge us admission
and is free to choose the hour
when she is eaten

what’s a working girl to do?

none of us can afford to send her
to dietary law school
so she works as a short-order cook
days, nights and weekends

she loves the people she cooks for
those who don’t criticize the cooking
and question what she is putting in the food

without this ingredient
there is but isolation
and death

The Obligatory Male-on-Male Casual Affection Shot

glam affectionHere we see the Socratic beard of Kevin Conway’s Dr. Haber almost making Greek love to the face of our hero in the 1980 Adaptation of Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Lathe of Heaven. I read in a book somewhere that European males are more casually affectionate with each other than are their North American counterparts. Simultaneously, one could argue quite successfully that Americans sexualize almost all physical contact. Combining the concepts of the previous two sentences of this paragraph leads me to conclude that this shot is the gender-bending nod to the glam rock culture of the 1970s and the high heels of rockers like Prince to emerge in the 1980s. This is solid evidence of the liberal, leftist aesthetic that made public television in the 1980s seem so innovative and educational for me (but I am not really learning anything from this image).

Since I was only a child during the 1970s and early 1980s, I will assume that European culture and influence (dominated by the French) was not so ignored and misrepresented in corporate media back in those days—and a scene like this made filmmakers look continentally hip. Now that public broadcasting is “cleaned up” for “conservative” corporate interests, you will never see a shot like this again—probably forever. I certainly won’t miss it—but I do miss educational public programming.

I am unable to blame others for assuming that Flash MX Professional 2004 has full CSS support. I just know I would not make something like that up. I am sure I read that crap somewhere and by the release date ‘things changed.’ Anyway, I’m playing with my new copy of Flash MX Professional 2004 (thanks mom) and I discover that it supports only a subset of CSS. This fits in quite well with the subset of HTML still limiting the powers of Flash. In the “Preserving rich text formatting” section of Flash documentation at livedocs.macromedia.com, we are reminded that:

The following HTML tags are supported by the htmlText property text fields: a, b, font color, font face, font size, i, p, and u…The following HTML attributes are supported in text fields: leftmargin, rightmargin, align, indent, and leading.

This, of course, totally sucks. However, the limited CSS support does provide some mitigation (especially when the HTML becomes XHTML). And this is revealed, when we examine the other (more exhaustive) list of supported HTML tags under the “Supported HTML tags” section—because this section leads to the wonderful “Formatting text with Cascading Style Sheets” section, which is quite a long walk in the park.

What is an unequivocal success in Flash MX 2004 is the full support of UTF-8, so all of our typographic glyphs show up without a problem… One strange HTML tag supported by Flash MX 2004 is the textformat tag. This is not a w3c element and just slides in there without justification or explanation. Macromedia smacks her bitch up.

Two Bugs Snug in a Rug?

buddy list or eugenics project inventory manifest? When I originally captured this image, I was going to make harmless fun of two bugs snug in a rug. That was back on 2005/02/16. Little did I know that I was going to dive head first into a netherworld of intrigue, poverty and suffering—that we all need to live through and look back on and laugh like hippies recalling living in the mud for a few days at Woodstock. I’m recording this event here specifically for this purpose. I command you all not to disagree with my intentions. Obey!

Timeka’s IM icon in gaim look familiar? Then check this out.

Picasa is Uninstalled

Picasa is Uninstalled This shows one of about three reasons why I uninstalled Picasa from my machine. I just don’t feel comfortable with applications that have such a large impact on the abstract surface area of ‘my computer.’ Regardless of what’s actually happening technically, I feel like this program is installing hundreds of little files ‘all over’ my computer and I can’t shake the feeling of littering. I guess this is more of my rigidity and need to dominate and control everything that happens with ‘my computer.’ Picasa looks great but I have not conjured up a real need for it.

In an earnest effort to support the pissed off pussy and FM/2 Publications I built a computer for a really great person. We went to Fry’s and picked up a Taiwanese chassis with front-panel connections for audio, FireWire and USB:

front panel

I quickly discovered that my old-ass ABIT KT7A RAID motherboard, similar to the one recommended by the blokes at arstechnica.com (c. 2001) would not support these connectors without a fight. You see me here, with my pinky finger in a bandage holding the dual USB connector for the front panel:

dual USB connection

And here we have a lovely floral arrangement of dual FireWire connections sprouting from the system unit:

FireWire flower

So it appears that the experiment is to use cables from FRONTX.com to bypass the shortcomings designed into the motherboard. I have not yet tried this experiment and am concerned that any wrong move on my part could smoke the computer and inconvenience a really, really great asset of humanity. The cable shipments have arrived and the boxes are just sitting there… waiting…

So there is guy named Gabriel Torres and his article “Installing Frontal USB Ports” keeps provoking me to go for it. But you have no idea what it is like when the pissed off pussy is disappointed… so I hold back… waiting… (Insert famous Jaws theme music here.)