Creating the Enterprise InfoPath Solution—Level 300 is my shining example of why people would not understand or outright hate InfoPath out of ignorance fueled by the correct information. This program features a scenario with an Office Task Pane stuffed with an HTML page crammed with thousands of lines of JavaScript code and MSHTML kludges that would make HTA authors weep with nostalgia. The XAML team is sharpening their knives waiting for right moment to cut this down.

I’m being hard on the presenter from as he does take the time to condemn this design during the web cast. But, after clicking on two or more links just to see the program, I am already peeved and ready to criticize!

Because XML is the life blood of Web Services, I need to remember that XML passes one ‘real’ type, String. XML uses the String type to simulate every other type in the universe. This “simulation” is implemented by serialization on the .NET plane of reality (SOAP Serialization to be more exact). I’m sure Don Box warned me about this cost of doing business years ago but I wasn’t listening. I am beginning to understand a few consequences of this:

  • I created data classes that are designed to live in managed code interacting with SQL server. Members of these classes use types from the System.Data.SqlTypes namespace. This is great for handling nulls that SQL server can recognize. This is not so great for people that hate SQL Server. Moreover, these types cannot be serialized as they generate the “System.Globalization.CultureInfo cannot be serialized because it does not have a default public constructor” errors. It follows that ‘companion’ data classes had to be created that are designed for serialization. This adds an unexpected layer of complexity but I am not yet willing to give up my .NET intimacy with SQL Server! So, for example, I have a data class called Songhay.Data.WebSegment that works perfectly with SQL server. But I had to create a “companion” class called Songhay.Data.WebServiceSegment for serialization.
  • Because of this companion class stuff, I had to build a helper class of static members that, say, handle the translation from Songhay.Data.WebSegment to Songhay.Data.WebServiceSegment—and vice versa. When a member of the service-friendly class contains a zero-length string for a String property or when there is a zero assigned for an int property, this helper class decides when to assign SQL-friendly null values during translations of web service input destined for SQL Server.
  • Translation issues like this are probably best handled with custom serialization procedures featuring the ISerializable interface. But it appears I am a victim of crazy conspiracy theories promoted by Neil Davidson, his article, “Nine reasons not to use serialization.” So, to ‘liberate’ myself, I went straight to Jeffrey Richter who, in “Run-time Serialization, Part 3,” introduces me to the concept of a “surrogate type,” which almost appears to serve the same function as my aforementioned translation helper class. But in Jeffrey’s scenario, we are trying to serialize a class that can be serialized when it is properly marked for serialization. In my scenario, I do not have such Microsoft luck. Moreover, the use of serialization in his scenario is required when the developer does not have intimate knowledge of all classes involved. I do.
  • Because XML is being used to transport data across the wire, strings sent from the database with HTML markup must be ‘handled’ in ‘special’ ways—otherwise all of my angle brackets will escape to a bunch of < and > entities. The first “special” thing that has to be done is to convert all HTML to XHTML. Secondly, properties of type SQL String have to be translated into type XML Node—this type is recommended by Microsoft when exposing “Rich Text” from Web Services to InfoPath. So now, we can see just how these Web Service classes can freely diverge from the original SQL-friendly data classes because I am not using this “surrogate class” stuff.

My fellow Americans chocolate-colored or not will use the left-brain savior to cut out a little vacuum for my ‘smart ass’ one line poem:

eagerly awaiting the return of African matriarchy… no fat chicks

These people are quick to break up human relationships before they start—they know destruction and separation very well. And my smart-ass remarks are deliberately designed to provoke them—their non-conscious programming will kick in and they will autopilot away from me.

The Phat ChickAnd the irony is that a creative hustler like the force behind will get more play from the pre-programmed ladies because they can ‘feel’ what he’s doing.

I can feel what he doing too. The image at left is the exact visualization of the successful North American African woman. She is trying to hold the spear of her dead male warrior and wear her ladies’ high heel shoes on her way to try to boost the stock price of Crispy Crème Donuts. We are so proud that Oprah Winfrey has lost weight—right? Well, she is still a fat chick to me.

We people need to remember our symbolism instead of “keeping it real” and obeying the laws of imperial materialism and idolatry. So when I speak my words am I literally condemning all people suffering from serious health problems? Or am I attacking the idolatry that makes wealthy captives overindulge themselves in all forms of individuated materialism—including overeating?

Why “put all the blame” on the women? Because matriarchy cannot happen without women and it cannot happen with “leaders” like Condoleezza Rice. Because Lady’s first. Lady now master… Lady now master… You call a woman African woman. No go ’gree. She go say “I be Lady.”

For those ladies who cannot stand to hear a male minister, listen to the female streaming audio of bell hooks in “Connecting Self and Community” here at For those with a printer and reading light please try “Global African Healing with Sufia Giza” here at

“Police State” Lyrics

Let's Get FreeDead Prez should be among those celebrated for the literary level of their lyrics here at But when the likes of Dave Chappelle features Dead Prez in the theme music of a television show for a major cable network I can tell they are doing just fine without us. However, let it be said by us that the lyrics to “Police State” kick ass! This shows time and time again that the fleeting presence of Deep Black Thought in popular music is deliberately effected and is no nigga accident.

3D Models Used for Film Studies teaches a course on directing by using simple 3D models and professional voice over work. These production values are often used in forensic investigations in legal proceedings. It is yet another endorsement of 3D outside of child’s play.

Harry Lennix Outside of the Matrix

The Greenway Arts Alliance is another level beyond that poetry lounge I wrote about earlier.

DVD from the Underground

Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire is the thang. Work like this is beyond simply trying to shock ignorant but wealthy suburban housewives out of their complacency. Too bad I can’t rent this flick because my credit cards need a rest.

Open Source Math Software

They say that mathematics is not of the humanities. And we wonder why they can’t build pyramids. The Math Studio people introduce me to a world beyond the commercial demands of Wolfram Research.

Newsmonster Sucks

I am not going to record what this piece of software is… The victims of this piece of crap know who they are and they need to know how to uninstall it.

Robert X. Cringely on the iPod had a few real liberals left and Robert X. Cringely may be some of one of them. His article “Dethroning King Gillette” is interesting. Not much liberal stuff in this article but he has shown something thoughtful in past pulpit sessions such as “Why We Send So Many Americans to Prison and Probably Shouldn’t”—that one will not get him chummy with a prison guard union.

Bryce Tutorials

Poser3 to Bryce3D” by Lisa Casler is old but, hey, all of my 3D software is “old.” has another venerable article about low-end hair effects on 3D models. “Simple Brycean Roads” describes an interesting technique for making realistic mountain roads.

Using Flash for Native OS Apps, it’s product, mProjector is like another Macromedia response to XAML. I leave a link to it here for ‘human’ interest.

Not the Matisse I am looking for...So the engaging and dynamic Kristie LaTray tests my ability to sustain life by being friendly and handing over a plant. And when plants come to mind, I get fuzzy memories of art history classes—and I come up with stuff like Matisse trying to visualize the flora nature in human beings by painting women as or near flowers—women as trees. The image at left is not the symbolism I have in mind but perhaps, you, Blog reader, might see what I mean.

I believe this Matisse symbolism comes from an extremely unpopular interpretation of Judeo-Christian scripture: that people should act like plants instead of acting like animals. Why would any reasonable person want to act like this?


It’s just sitting there! It’s not moving! It makes no sense! Well, one sensation that may be striking your eyes is the perception of the color green. This color is a symbolic color. It represents renewal and growth. My year 2000 design diary for explores “Adinkra Green” and ‘strangely’ does not ignore the idea that people should act like plants instead of animals. Of course, this leads to the possibility of resembling a vegetable and me with a big pumpkin head makes Kristie laugh:

Not the Matisse I am looking for...

Kristie, I’m no Ray Kurzweil. I can’t guarantee that this plant will live forever sustained by nano-robots. I have watered it so far and intend to keep it in the sun.