This year the parades here in Los Angeles promise something more than synchronized police motorcycle ballet—and I know you suburban kids out there are thinking I am joking. But the inner-city police parade themselves in Martin Luther King Jr. parades based on the assumption that they are aesthetically acceptable entities of community outreach.

Speaking of outreach, Johann Christoph Arnold, his article “Martin, We Need You Now” is online now at

This is also my eldest son’s birthday. Currently he lives in Hawaii. He is now 15 and does not use the Internet to communicate with his father—but that is another story. Happy birthday, son. Remember your mother on this day for your birth is her day—celebrate her today. And, hey: is Myst Uru finally online?

My Son in Flight

The web is finally showing tangible evidence of activity produced by the life force driving fingers into the keyboard writing these words. The list is fired off:

  • Basic Black: the Funky Sutra” is the latest offering in the rasx() context at This piece is for people who still may be interested in distinguishing African features apart from the current trend in popular culture to ignore mother nature—or just ask her to give head.
  • bell hooks: Connecting Self and Community” also at marks the triumphant return of bell hooks to our Interviews and Documentary section. Several years ago, her academic gate keepers asked me to pull an essay on yearning from the site. bell hooks personally encouraged me to publish it anyway. But at the time, she probably did not know just how vicious people can be toward a web site with a certain non-conformist, anti-imperialist editorial attitude. Don’t worry MSN viewers, one day big business interests will force sites like mine off net by causing dramatic price hikes for hosting services and the only way for little folk like me to get on the ’Net is at via toy car sites like this one.
  • XHTML Schemas in Word 2003 Documents” documents a triumph over the Office System 2003 marketing team. It took about two years to figure out how to use XHTML with Microsoft Office Word. I’ve spent hours searching the English-language ’Net for days upon days and never found anything like what’s discussed in this article. A sentence like the previous should irk someone out there enough to set me straight. I am definitely sure that MSDN has almost nothing to do with translating Word documents into XHTML. This brute-force, labor-intensive technique is a huge win for my small company Songhay System (