My Picks from “Adobe AIR Developer’s Toolbox: Resources And Tutorials”

Adobe AIR apps in UbuntuThese are my picks from “Adobe AIR Developer’s Toolbox: Resources And Tutorials”:

  • De MonsterDebugger is an open-source debugger for Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR. De MonsterDebugger itself was built with Flex and AIR.”
  • ScaleNine provides inspiration and resources to designers and developers working with Adobe technologies. The site offers a variety of themes and skins to turn vanilla Flex and AIR applications into custom visual experiences.”
  • Adobe AIR JavaScript Developers Pocket Guide: “This book provides a quick introduction to developing applications for Adobe AIR. The book gives an overview of Adobe AIR, shows how to set up your development environment, and discusses new Adobe AIR functionality and APIs. Once you have finished reading this book, you should have a good understanding of what Adobe AIR is as well as how to build HTML and JavaScript applications for it.”
  • AIR Cheatsheet: “This 7-pages long Adobe AIR cheat sheet, created by Sean Moore – print out, learn and use as a quick reference.”
  • Six must-see Adobe AIR sample applications: “Applications available include Twitter Desktop, Kuler Desktop, Fresh, Finetune Desktop, DiggTop and SearchCoders.”
  • “A great collection of 75 Adobe Air samples from Kevin Hoyt.” These emphasize JavaScript.
  • Jonathan Snook: “Of course, this is only the beginning of what you can do with Adobe AIR. You don’t have the same level of control as building a native desktop application, such as being able to launch other applications, but you do have more control than what you could have within a web application. Check out the Adobe AIR Developer Center for HTML and Ajax for tutorials and other resources.” This is one of the few AIR tutorials I have encountered that does not depend heavily on proprietary Adobe tooling.
  • This is another free-form (SDK-only) tutorial by Akash Mehta: “Walk on AIR: Create a To-do List in Five Minutes.”
  • Peter Elst: “Introduction to SQLite in Adobe AIR”—this one features a video.
  • Cesare Rocchi: “Building an Adobe Air application with Flex”
  • Selected videos: “Webcams, PNGs and AIR,” “Drag and Drop in AIR,” “Developing AIR in Flash,” “Getting Started With AIR on Linux,” “Embedding a Browser in Flex 3
  • Jason Bartholme: “101 Adobe AIR Resources to Add to Your Toolbelt of Awesomeness”