F# maven Scott Nimrod is on a high-tech rampage recording interviews for his YouTube channel, deliberately mixing tech and humanity for a wonderful collection that I find wonderful. I assume that my interview with Scott is my first interview on his channel (in spite of my history in these situations):

So, just in case my first interview is my last interview, I went with more humanity than tech. I drifted into a stream-of-consciousness style rant that I am sure Scott understood (at least the intent) but would not be surprised that millions would consider it crazy talk.

The table below will attempt to summarize some of the references I made just in case my crazy is less crazy than your crazy:

Why I failed to talk to Carl Franklin about ‘Race’ in the IT (Information Technology) World…

One way to step away from reading this 2011 Blog post is to understand that Scott finally provided the ‘correct’ context for me to talk humanity (“race”).

Alan Moore on Magic

I bring up Alan Moore to demonstrate that Black people are Black not out of ignorance of things not Black—and to make my point at the same time.

Kobe on @WSJ

This tweet leads to an interview with Kobe Bryant that I think is filled with the racist subconscious but folks like Scott can also sucsessfully argue that no racist intent was present.

Oshay on Marques Brownlee on the imprint

This tweet leads to a YouTube video about @MKBHD theorizing about how he would received in “the Black community” of the United States.

Dr. Peter Chen: Entity Relationship Model – Past, Present and Future

I will keep mentioning Dr. Peter Chen until traditional Black historians finally see his importance. This may take a while…

My Three Sexist Assumptions of the Apocalypse

I wrote this article in 2007 and will likely go to my cremation urn before anyone will truly engage me on this subject matter. One of the many threads in my interview with Scott was of gender issues.

Famous Passers

I brought up the subject of Sidney Reilly to respond to Scott about why the study of history is important to me.

Day Path

This is my tech blog, started about four years ago to “cleanly” separate my “politics” from my technical interests—and to get away from WordPress because it is a “retro” (and non-Microsoft) technology.

I really do look forward to being invited to the Scott Nimrod channel again to talk more about tech with sprinklings of humanity.

Buy this Book at Amazon.com! Tayari Jones: “I was on the phone yesterday with a poet-friend who was feeling very demoralized about all of the contests to which she had submitted her manuscript. (For those of you not in the poetry loop: Many poets publish their first books by sending the manuscripts to contests. There is a fee, usually about $20. The winner gets a small cash prize and publication. Winning the ‘right’ contest can launch a career.) My friend was just plain wore out. She had taken on considerable student debt to get her MFA and she has spent hundreds of dollars in fees and postage. She has a love/hate relationship with the mailman. She was hoping for The Letter but she knew that he may be bringing a rejection letter. She said sometimes she wants to give up writing.”

I appreciate that an “officially” accepted writer like Tayari Jones is writing about this issue. The usual Negro tactic is to commune in quiet desperation until the proper (white) third party validation comes in (from the loved/hated mailman). The problem with this is that young people (“at risk”/“of color”) who see you as famous because you won the “right” (white) contest are deliberately misinformed about how mafia-like the real world actually is… This is far from a meritocracy, ladies… In my very particular and “strange” case, I prefer to be respected and recognized by other Black writers (who gives a f’ about a god-damned Grammy)—and there are very few Black poetry contests that launch careers. Am I wrong by saying there are none? The folks over at Cave Canem took over year to send me one t-shirt—they were happy to take my money tho’…

In order for the self-described “average Negro” of our post-modern world to vaguely understand where I am coming from, we have to go back to the days of Mile-Davis-era music—what music-playing contest run by white folks would “launch” Miles’ career? Yes, Miles went to Julliard—but go into his autobiography (with poet Quincy Troupe) to find out about what he thought of that “robot-music” school… Now, of course, my little analogy falls apart very quickly when we recall the Harlem-Renaissance, white-sponsored world Langston Hughes lived in… Some footsteps ain’t made to follow…

“Alan Moore takes Watchmen movie money to sue DC for print rights reversion…”

comicmix.com: “In what may go down as the biggest sucker-punch to hit DC Comics since the Superboy lawsuit, Alan Moore has reversed his position on taking money from the film version of Watchmen. The reason is elegant and ironic; he’s using the money to fund a lawsuit against DC, with the intent of forcing a reversion of rights to the print edition of Watchmen.”

“YouTube Monty Python Videos Boost DVD Sales 23,000%”

Kit Eaton: “And now for something completely fantastic: The trick of making Monty Python videos available for free online has boosted DVD sales of the comedy sketch show. If you compare DVD sales figures on Amazon before and after the creation of the Monty Python YouTube channel, the boost apparently tallies in at around 23,000%.”