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Debra Devi [debradevi]@KinteSpace Interesting! FYI the slave trade began when the Fulani invaded the Wolof in 1670 to try to convert them to Islam.

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Debra Devi [debradevi]@KinteSpace@KinteSpace Yes, 20+ slaves sold in 1619 but it was large influx of 1670 Wolof POWs that kicked off mas… []

the kinte space [KinteSpace]@debradevi how many African captives were in the Occident in 1670? 103? Why do Afro-centric scholars call slavery a *Columbian* idea?

Debra Devi [debradevi]@KinteSpace Don’t know! Lemme know what you find out. :)

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A 2016 Blog post from @KushitePrince has an image in it that symbolically says it all. It shows—with mediocre Photoshop skills—a black-man-superhero in a red-black-green skin suit. This is just the kind of masculine-prioritizing imagery folks like Mychal Denzel Smith would not celebrate.

Here in the rasx() context, both of these people are disrespecting their ancestors. On one hand you have investment in an image of a hero with white eyes (which symbolize death in many, many traditions as the color of bones are white)—and the white-man’s map of Africa (arguably upside down) is emblazoned on his chest. The golden color of this white-geography could easily be mistaken for a Chinese-yellow, yes-kinda-ironically-racist reference as this emerging super-power influences the continent.

On the other hand, a @Blavity article by Regina Smith heaping praise on Mychal Denzel Smith roused my suspicions because young, black cosmopolitan, east-coast womanhood rarely praises black men unless the black “man” is not really a “man” (by the standards set by the Black women that were my role models). Regina Smith’s celebration of Mychal’s deprecation of the absence of black fathers fell right in line with the new white trend of packing the Black Supreme Court with clones of James Baldwin and Audre Lorde. (By the way, should Mychal Denzel Smith actually be an invisible man, then the lovely ladies at will be unable to see him—no matter how many child support payments go unmissed.)

Our ancestors made humanity possibly through matriarchal societies based in what the white folks call “biological altruism” which means “ain’t got a damn thang to do with dominator culture”—it’s older than the concept of “empire.” When witch-burning King James had the words “be fruitful and multiply” printed in his York Times Bestseller he did not know that he was telling all of us that making people from scratch is very, very hard. When a “god” takes the time to invoke these words, we (as dumb-ass urban people) should struggle to remember how difficult it was. Making sure that we celebrate Young Thug for wearing a dress would not be one of the ancient, matriarchal priorities. It would simply not be… because Young Thug is the symbolic descendant of the slave ship cabin boy. The sexuality of the slave ship cabin boy is controlled by white people and you can ask the eldest black male associate of Anna Wintour he’ll tell you: it feels so-so good.

So here in the rasx content, I am trapped with my hands full of the toys of two kids. One is terrible at Photoshop (and ancient African symbolism) and the other is probably your good friend because he seems like a reasonable guy in view of what has happened on Earth since 550 B.C.

Solution: stop feeling trapped. Make more freedom in the heart. …why did I bother to reference Young Thug?