Brandon Satrom (via Scott Guthrie tweet): “Of course, a number of tools have been created to help you implement BDD in your development process. These include Cucumber in Ruby and SpecFlow and WatiN for the Microsoft .NET Framework. SpecFlow helps you write and execute specifications within Visual Studio, while WatiN enables you to drive the browser for automated end-to-end system testing.”

Post Sharp (Ayende Rahien)

PostSharp is an AOP framework that works using byte code weaving. That is, it re-writes your IL to add behaviors to it. From my point of view, it is like having the cake (interception, byte code weaving) and eating it (I haven’t even looked at the PostSharp source code, just used the binary release).”

“Azure Storage Explorer”

David Pallmann: “I’ve been wanting an easier way to view what’s in my Azure cloud storage so I decided to write a tool for the purpose. Azure Storage Explorer now exists and is available here on CodePlex.” I prefer this tool over CloudXplorer as it shows Table Storage.

“Cloud Innovators: Netflix Strategy Reflects Google Philosophy” (via John Lam tweet): “Adrian and other Cloud Innovators have proven that designing for cloud scale, means designing for failure and the same ‘always-on’ software architecture of an or Google, *not* something as simplistic as virtualizing your existing legacy enterprise applications and moving them over to someone else’s cloud. It’s going to take a while for the market to wake up to this principle and we’ll see lots of failures or as I like to say “blood on the floor” over the next few years.” Moment: Heroku

Heroku is an online Rack (and by extension, Ruby on Rails) cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service) run by the San Francisco, California based company with the same name. As one of the very first cloud platform as a service providers, Heroku has been in development since June 2007 and the company reports over 119,000 applications running on its service.”

Scott Guthrie: “EF Code First enables you to use ‘POCO’—Plain Old CLR Objects—to represent entities within a database. This means that you do not need to derive model classes from a base class, nor implement any interfaces or data persistence attributes on them. This enables the model classes to be kept clean, easily testable, and ‘persistence ignorant’.”

“EF Feature CTP5 Released!”

ADO.NET team: “CTP5 includes some significant internal refactoring in preparation for some features we intend to support in the future, we are still in the process of stabilizing the quality after this refactoring. We decided to release before we finished this stabilization to get CTP5 in your hands as soon as possible and give ample time to incorporate feedback before we RTM.”

Entity Framework Architecture

“PowerToys for the Class Designer and Distributed System Designer” “The Class Designer Enhancements add-in provides additional functionality for the Visual Studio Class Designer, such as HTML export and nested type creation commands. This download includes all necessary source code and a Visual Studio project template for creating your own add-ins for the Visual Studio designers. The Class Designer is a developer productivity tool available in Visual Studio Standard Edition and above, which allows developers to easily visualize, design, refactor, and document their code.”

“ELMAH: Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET (and MVC too!)”

Scott Hanselman: “ELMAH is one of those largely unknown and deeply awesome .NET Open Source projects that should be part of ASP.NET proper.”

Øredev 2008 - Day 1

“That No SQL Thing—Document Databases”

Ayende Rahien: “A document database is schema free, that is, you don’t have to define your schema ahead of time and adhere to that. It also allow us to store arbitrarily complex data. If I want to store trees, or collections, or dictionaries, that is quite easy. In fact, it is so natural that you don’t really think about it.”

“Visual Studio Programmer Themes Gallery”

Scott Hanselman: “More and more I find myself ‘skinning and [theming]’ my Visual Studio development environment in order to stay frosty. It’s surprising how changing your theme (fonts, colors, etc.) can re-energize me when I’m having trouble with some problem or motivation.”

“Native php support in Visual Studio 2010?” “Check out CodeLobster php, it’s free and has a very similar look and feel to visual studio plus it has IntelliSense and debugging support.”

VS.Php for Visual Studio

VS.Php is a Php integrated development environment based on Visual Studio. With VS.Php you can design, develop, debug and deploy Php applications within the Visual Studio IDE. VS.Php key features are around providing rich Php and Smarty editing capabilities as well as its ability to debug Php scripts locally as well as remotely.”