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also FBI: no idea how where to look for… []

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China’s New Craze – Frontiers in Dystopian Tech… []

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Neither shook hands with the opposing QB o… []

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The latest video from @FocusedSpender has one key point in it that I will attempt to paraphrase:

I often spend money during moments of elation. I am very, very vulnerable to overspending when I am very, very happy.

Here in the rasx() context, I had to go there. I had to go the Blues. This Blues leads to the question, ‘How would this outburst of self-described uncontrollable spending affect a serious, adult, love relationship?’

Since @FocusedSpender is clearing willing to make video after video about financial self-improvement my musings certainly does not apply to her. But I can imagine a situation where the elated spender is accusing her life partner of trying to make her unhappy “all of the time.” She would accuse her partner of trying to control her because she is out of control (at times, by her own admission).

Here are some of the ways such a relationship flaw would “work”:

  • Her partner is understandably charmed by the youthful looks of her overspending partner and silently financially compensates. This often ends when the fountain of youth (for both partners) runs dry.

  • Her partner learns to subliminally control her emotions through indirect actions based on sophisticated manipulation techniques. This often ends in flash of repressed rage that is inexplicable or the manipulated one growing up and realizing what is going on.

  • Her partner is straight up verbally abusive or physically violent. In a really-weird, masochistic situation straight out of an Alice Walker novel, she may actually depend on her partner to burn all of these abusive calories because of a twisted Christian view of the corrupted, animalistic self in need of a “firm hand.”

Notice that I have purposely omitted the solution @FocusedSpender shares in her video: her solution is a regimen of self control through behavior modification. This is because I have never really experienced this standing alone within a relationship. My women have always looked to socializing, third-parties for self-realization. The preference here is for something new. @FocusedSpender is inspiring—and, no, she is not based in Los Angeles.

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[[]] []

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Tara [taraw]@tvonetv#Unacceptable

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Irny Irdina [irnyirdina] When you try to sing all the parts []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] i’m the cream
of the great, utopia dream

you’re seam
in the depths
of the banker’s sleeve[] @RowenaMonde 😹

Rowena M. [RowenaMonde]@KinteSpace 😁thanks!

Chad💩🔥Fowler [chadfowler] This is a warning: If you use “Ask” as a noun I’m going to ruthlessly attack you with “off site” as a verb. Don’t make me do this.

Darren Rovell [darrenrovell] The Simpsons has now predicted Disney buying Fox, the FIFA scandal, Greece’s economic collapse & President Trump (v… []

Tara [taraw] It is snowing in Atlanta, in December! ..What is going on! First Houston & now Atlanta and people question Global W… []

Tara [taraw] And it hasn’t stopped snowing yet! First picture I showed I went to edge of street & I COULD see the street. Now I… []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite]@taraw I thought snow was normal in Atlanta. My dad is in Decatur. Snow too early and too much?😬

Tara [taraw]@BryanWilhite No, snow is absolutely not normal in Atlanta. We don’t do snow and ice well. Nor do I ever want us… []