Jeremy Likness: “Next comes the fun part. There may be a case for an inversion of control container here, but I’m going to follow a fairly common pattern but instead of shoving a bunch of variables into the App object, I’ll create a GlobalManager class for the MVVM concerns. Now this is a static class and of course that concerns some people for becoming problematic down the road because the views will be tightly bound (plus it’s one of those hated singletons). In this case it just doesn’t bother me. I unit test the view models, not necessarily the views, and use design-time data in the views. Therefore, the binding for me doesn’t pose a threat as I can still grab the view models and run them in isolation while mocking the interfaces.”

Also: “C#er : IMage: A Silverlight MVVM Feed Reader from Scratch in 30 Minutes

“Navigation in a #WP7 application with MVVM Light”

Laurent Bugnion: “In his excellent series ‘MVVM Light Toolkit soup to nuts’, Jesse Liberty proposes one approach using the MVVM Light messaging infrastructure. While this works fine, I would like to show here another approach using what I call a ‘view service’, i.e. an abstracted service that is invoked from the viewmodel, and implemented on the view.”

“Coding4Fun Windows Phone Toolkit”

Greg Duncan: “Need an ‘About’ for your Windows Phone 7 app? Toggle button? TimeSpan Picker? A number of value to visibility converters? Why re-invent the wheel, when the Coding4Fun team, having run into their own challenges in building Windows Phone 7 app’s, have built them for you?”

“Windows Azure Emulators On Your Desktop”

Buck Woody: “Many people feel they have to set up a full Azure subscription online to try out and develop on Windows Azure. But you don’t have to do that right away. In fact, you can download the Windows Azure Compute Emulator – a ‘cloud development environment’ – right on your desktop.”

“Microsoft: ‘over 2 million’ Windows Phone 7 licenses sold to manufacturers so far”

Chris Ziegler: “What does that tell us? Well, let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way: the iPhone 4 sold 3 million units in a little under a month after its launch, so Microsoft clearly has plenty of room to catch up—but that comes as no surprise to us, analysts, or Microsoft itself. Furthermore, selling a license to an OEM isn’t the same as selling a phone to a customer, since many of these manufactured devices are sitting on store shelves; it’s unclear exactly how many WP7 devices are actually in users’ pockets right now, but the number is certainly less than ‘over 2 million.’”

Chris Ziegler: “…and perennial Microsoft guru Paul Thurrott thinks it’s tracking for early February before it’ll actually reach users’ devices… so we wouldn’t go canceling vacations you’ve got scheduled this month just so you can be around to score the update as soon as it’s available.”

“Verizon’s iPhone story isn’t so black and white”

Robert X. Cringely: “There’s this disconnect that takes place sometimes where users and service providers see a problem completely differently. In this case customers are clearly being inconvenienced yet Verizon engineers are saying, ‘no they aren’t,’ which actually means, ‘there shouldn’t be a problem and if there is that problem is on the customer’s end, not ours.’”

“The Dark Side of Usability”

Chris Coyier: “People using the more difficult interfaces tended to perform better, were less fazed by distractions and were found more likely to transfer their skills to new interfaces or tasks. [original article at]”

“Windows Phone Comparison Wallchart”

Mike Halsey: “I have found this a very handy guide, it’s not changed my mind and instead made me realise that on things like weight and battery life the Mozart scores rather well.”

“Windows Phone 7 and Windows Live Calendar: What you can and can’t do” “So as Thurrott puts it, this is an ‘example of something that is simple and elegant, but also functionally limited’ with the upcoming Windows Phone 7, and ‘you can’t be both simple and full-featured’. Well, at least in version 1 anyway. We definitely hope that some of these limitations with Windows Phone 7 will be fixed with one of the software updates to be coming soon after release…”

“Microsoft: over 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 devices sold to carriers and retailers”

Vlad Savov: “That tells us that the mobile industry is cautiously buying into Microsoft’s new OS, and it’d be foolish not to, but it doesn’t really educate us on the relative success of the platform’s launch—1.5 million units is a tiny, tiny number when you consider the platform launched on 10 devices on over 60 carriers in over 30 countries.”