“‘The Upsetter: The Life & Music of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’ Released On New Self-Distribution Platform” and other Twinks…

Shadow And Act [shadowandact] ‘The Upsetter: The Life & Music of Lee “Scratch” Perry’ Released On New Self-Distribution Platform http://t.co/7V81u45D

Laughing Squid [LaughingSquid] Tokyo Compression, Photos of Commuters in Overcrowded Tokyo Trains http://t.co/dcgS4YqU

Microsoft Research [MSFTResearch] Check it out:Tedx pays tribute to Richard Feynman: http://bit.ly/fGDJ0p
& see other Feynman videos: http://bit.ly/eUg7ak

Shadow And Act [shadowandact] For 1st Time Ever, August Wilson Estate Grants Rights to Record American Century Cycle Plays http://t.co/S3vK0l6J

Thomas Dolby [ThomasDolby] My interview with @PartyBen of @SlackerRadio at @Moogfest is up: http://t.co/X2ssHofa #moog

Dr. Kiki Sanford [drkiki] There are no words… Your Daughter Died http://t.co/De5N6lyi

Visually [Visually] Stock Check: How Long Will The Earth’s Resources Last? #Infographic http://t.co/96Lrnx30

African Entrepreneur [africatechie] Nigeria’s Refineries Rated Worst In Africa http://t.co/PfUjeOB8

Laughing Squid [LaughingSquid] George Lucas Talks About The Future of Lucasfilm & Star Wars After Disney Purchase http://t.co/X3td9SSW @disney @starwars

Geek am I [geekami] A complete map of the Star Wars Universe. Enjoy! #geek http://bit.ly/dNjMER

Shadow And Act [shadowandact] Kevin Clash’s Accuser Recants Sex Abuse Claim – But Is It Too Late? http://t.co/Q2WDxx8j

Indiegogo [Indiegogo] CAMPAIGN OF THE DAY: This documentary film tells the story of the highly influential world of modular synthesizers http://t.co/X5hlXa2m

Laughing Squid [LaughingSquid] Animal Cheat Sheet Helps Spot Differences Between Similar Creatures http://t.co/1k8d9gLC

Dave Winer ☮ [davewiner] Alibaba.com executives resign amid fraud probe. http://r2.ly/6z5n

Jeff Atwood [codinghorror] My AT&T @UVerse install has been a disaster. Terrible, unreliable ‘net speeds and now I’m finding the salesperson lied on pricing. Avoid.

Julie Lerman [julielerman] WTF? RT @PeterRitchie: Wow, @facebook has reached a whole new level of #suck http://lynk.at/ktTLiw

Dave Winer ☮ [davewiner] Google inaugurates its super-high-speed Internet service. http://t.co/JamgdvcE

Charles Schwab Corp [CharlesSchwab] Watch Founder & Chairman of the board Chuck Schwab discuss the debt situation & investing strategies to think about http://t.co/YkkrpvzW ^EM

Scott Hanselman [shanselman] Fascinating explanation with examples of how color blind people see, and how to design for them. http://t.co/1grmvGnA

Amy Hoy [amyhoy] “Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead defending shitty sw” – @MrAlanCooper

Erik Mork [Erik_Mork] Guess which Silverlight MVP has a scary (if benign) berserker rage. Gave me nightmares. An anagram: erain

Pete Brown [Pete_Brown] Man! This person upstairs has been pacing in their cement shoes since 6am. Thinking of taking him for swimming lessons in the sound.

Charles Schwab Corp [CharlesSchwab] Accrdng to @usedgov the avg cost of tuition @ 4yr public college is ~15K. Read up on diff types of savings plans http://cot.ag/eqiq1D ^LT

Charles Schwab Corp [CharlesSchwab] Take advantage of tax breaks your entitled to. It’s not what u make but what u keep that counts. Tips to consider http://cot.ag/eC15tO ^MC

@elijahmanor, @jongalloway and others…

@elijahmanor Elijah Manor

“Modernizr.js : Feature Detection” by @OdeToCode #webdev z-t.go.ly

@elijahmanor Elijah Manor

“KnockoutJS Custom Binding for Invoking an Action with Enter Key” by @smichelotti #javascript sd3.go.ly

@jongalloway Jon Galloway

JSON Formatter & Validator—can take a URL and return validated / formatted JSON – jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com

@elijahmanor Elijah Manor

“Setting up ASP.NET MVC 3 to work with jQuery UI 1.9” #jquery http://v8h.go.ly

@elijahmanor Elijah Manor

“Replacing Text Nodes With jQuery” by @bennadel #jquery http://t5v.go.ly

@mtaulty Mike Taulty

I missed this “Was .NET all a mistake” bit.ly/peV466—the background is well written and it’s a good (provocative) discussion

@elijahmanor Elijah Manor

“SassAndCoffee 1.1 Released for ASP.NET (MVC & WebForms)” by @xpaulbettsx #aspnetmvc http://j.mp/owcJ6A

@pluralsight Pluralsight

Free Webcast—Improving Web Performance with Robert Boedigheimer—starts in 30 minutes! http://ow.ly/66uND RT

@codinghorror Jeff Atwood

“HTML5 standardizes every terrible practice inflicted on us by browser authors, making them part of the web forever.” stackoverflow.com/questions/3434…

@pluralsight Pluralsight

Steve Michelotti @smichelotti has just published a new course: ASP.NET MVC Scaffolding bit.ly/qQf8zy

@kazuhito Kazuhito Kidachi

Don’t use IDs in CSS selectors? ❧ Oli.jp (@boblet) – http://icio.us/kLHLoH

@jongalloway Jon Galloway

Strange to see IE Conditional Comments go http://bit.ly/qka6HV—handy for IE6 specific stylesheets, hopefully no longer as necessary.

@LeaVerou Lea Verou

Microsoft removes conditional comments, behaviors and XML Data Islands from IE10, due to incompatibilities with HTML5 blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2…

@JohnBristowe John Bristowe

Awesome scrolling experience is awesome: http://www.newzealand.com/

@KyleMcClellan Kyle McClellan

Survey: Tell me what you think of the RIA DomainService Wizard http://bit.ly/ljXCEq #RIAServices

@martinfowler Martin Fowler

I’ve published an article on eradicating non-determinism in tests: http://martinfowler.com/articles/nonDeterminism.html

@mattpodwysocki Matthew Podwysocki

Erik Meijer’s CoSQL paper on the duality of SQL and NoSQL got Slashdotted: http://bit.ly/feNxRE #cosql

@maryjofoley Mary Jo Foley

Microsoft readies three new Office service packs: http://zd.net/eW2kPK

@JesseLiberty Jesse Liberty

Posted: Linq: SelectMany http://ow.ly/1bT14x

@mtaulty Mike Taulty

Building with WCF RIA Services? http://goo.gl/fb/B3ysB

@davewiner Dave Winer ☮

I’ve never understood what the browsers guys do with RSS. http://r2.ly/6zem

@amyhoy Amy Hoy

i hate watching smart, capable people defend crap—or refuse to express strong opinions—in the name of “professionalism”

“How does one get experience developing high volume websites?” and other stackoverflow.com links…

Relics of My Failed Yahoo! Interview Besides my deteriorating “presentation skills” during job interviews, my long-term (and respectable) problems are in lacking “high traffic” and e-commerce experience. It just recently occurred to me to search stackoverflow.com for these issues. I am somewhat relieved because what I found there was not too unexpected—but there was one surprise.

In “How does one get experience developing high volume websites?,” Nic Wise answers, “Join a big company which has one or more of them. Eg I’m working at the BBC, which is a fairly large site :)” Not bloody surprising. In my Southern California market, after about 12 years, I am unable to meet with any company here with a high-traffic, public-facing presence—except for Yahoo! Santa Monica (my first, 2009 interview). I’ve done high-traffic stuff behind the firewall but that’s not “good” enough—clearly I’m not working for Yahoo! in Santa Monica.

In “What does eCommerce programming involve?,” I was bizarrely relieved for the lack of answers. Too many answers would have meant that I’m just outclassed and my information is outdated. Stackoverflow.com user, “unkwntech,” responds with “eCommerce has one big word that goes with it Security” and a few important technical details that I will certainly look into later… A related question, “How to test eCommerce software for credit cards?,” does remind me of the importance of Paypal.com and its ecommerce sandbox. Based on my knowledge (which is limited), without Paypal.com (or Google checkout), we would have to secure merchant bank accounts to play most ecommerce war games. The last time I checked into merchant accounts, a figure of US$10,000 popped up and spooked me.

5 years experience == 100k+ salary? Really?” is a very popular question in this particular genre. This question need not be answered by me but I liked many of the responses. Gabriel Isenberg tells an old, sad truth: “Switching positions nets a far higher merit increase than sticking at the same place. Measuring average merit increase at the same place for 5 years isn’t going to get you real-world information, I don’t think.” DarenW sounds almost like me: “Hah! With 20 years experience in software development, I’m still making relatively piddly for the industry. My personal pitfalls were: working tiny start-ups with minimal cash flow or capital, working for non-profits, working in the academic world, and returning to grad school at one point.”

Another very important question to me is, “Old Developers—any future?” Very inspiring… and surprising!

“Movable Type Since 2004” and other links…

VDS - OpenGoo codinghorror.com: “In retrospect, my choice of Movable Type was a fortunate one. Although I also use and appreciate WordPress, it’s a bit of a CPU hog. Given the viral highs and lows of my blogging career, there’s no way this modest little server could have survived the onslaught of growth with WordPress. It would have been inexorably crushed under the weight of all those pageviews… What’s Movable Type’s performance secret? For the longest time—almost 5 years—I used the version I started with, 2.66. That version of Movable Type writes each new blog entry out to disk as a single, static HTML file. In fact, every blog entry you see here is a physical HTML file, served up by IIS just like it would serve up any other HTML file sitting in a folder. It’s lightning fast, and serving up hundreds of thousands of pageviews is no sweat. The one dynamic feature of the page, comments, are handled via a postback CGI which writes the page back to disk as each new comment is added.”

OpenGoo: An Open Source Web Office

Lisa Hoover: “OpenGoo is free and open source server-side software with a collection of apps that are perfect for small businesses. It includes a word processor, task lists, calendaring, an address book, and an email client. A hosted option is also available for various monthly fees, depending on your storage needs and number of users. …I took a demo of OpenGoo for a test spin and it performed really well. I made lists of tasks, complete with nested sub-tasks, then easily assigned them to my imaginary friends. Documents were easy to create and edit, and even included a revision tracker. I used the timesheet feature to track time spent on various projects I made up and then used it to generate various custom reports. The email portion of the suite is still in beta, but looks like it will be very useful once it sees its first release.” This news comes to me via Tiffany B. Brown.

“Google Taketh Away”

I, Cringely: “It is important to remember that Flash video was not a significant competitor until it was embraced by the pre-Google YouTube. Flash video simply wasn’t that good. It relied on an antiquated H.263 codec that was originally intended for video conferencing and, while fast, was of not particularly good quality. But quality didn’t matter to the early YouTube, just fast and reliable streaming connections, which a video conferencing codec could provide. …The lower quality of streaming video had the industry broadly turning away from streaming, moving to the download delivery model championed by Apple with iTunes. Then YouTube changed everything seemingly overnight.”

“Joel Spolsky is wrong about my work” and other links…

Kent Beck, Agile Forum 2006JUnit Max: “In a recent podcast, Joel Spolsky makes comments that make clear his lack of knowledge of what I do and what I say. His work has not afforded him the opportunity to evaluate the quantity or quality of my work as a programmer. The second edition of Extreme Programming Explained, Implementation Patterns and my recent work on Responsive Design are not checklists. …I would rather not respond, but if I don’t then public perception becomes what he says by default. He has worked hard to become famous, but he hasn’t figured out that along with notoriety comes responsibility. He is a bright, experienced guy and certainly capable of more accurate, thoughtful, and constructive conversation.”

“An Open Letter to Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood”

objectmentor.com: “I understand that this was a podcast, and that you were both just jawing. However, your podcasts are a product that you ship to everyone in the world. The content of that product can do great good; but it can also do great and permanent harm. One would think that you’d want to be careful with such a product. Yet in the intensity of the moment you got a bit careless and spewed some crap instead. That’s fine, everybody makes mistakes. But then you shipped it! You shipped a product that had a huge bug in it. You should have had tests!”

“What 2 questions would you ask Kent Beck?”

ISerializable: “If you had an hour to talk with Kent Beck, a proud father of eXtreme Programming, and you could only ask two questions, what would you ask? …I’ll be interviewing Kent as part of my audio interview series this week. I promise to take into consideration any good questions that come up in the comments. One of the things we plan to talk about is the whole notion of ‘BDUF’ (‘Big Design Up Front’) in agile projects, and we’ll also touch on the column that Joel On Software wrote on this subject (and all the responses to it).”