Here is a wonderful note from the wonderful June Edmonds:

Dear Fam and Close Friends!!

I got an email from Cultural Affairs Dept… they notified that I can formally announce that I am one of the fellows of the 2017-2018 Master Artist COLA grant! With this reimbursement grant I get $10k and an exhibition in May at the Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park in May 2018. (please put this on your calendar. I do realize how y’all are busy and have jobs!).

With the cash stipend, I am renting a studio space. The studio space is at Angels Gate Art Center in San Pedro, about 10 blocks from my apartment! I cannot tell you how blessed I feel. Since the wonderful residency in Paducah, KY last February, I have been dreaming of a significant space (and large walls!) I applied two months ago for a studio at AGCC and was contacted a couple weeks ago with an offer of a studio space. I just moved in today and am head over heals. You are invited to stop by whenever you are in the area.

June Edmonds: Studio

Many of you supported me over the years in such significant ways. I thank you so, so much! A handful of you made direct moves to help to make this happen for me. I have no sufficient words to express my appreciation.

This is my first studio space outside of my apartment(s) ever. After all these years. Here are some pics from windows, inside and outside.

With sincere appreciation for your constant support and much love to you all,


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