Bechara Choucair [choucair]
Heartbreaking study from @JAMAPediatrics shows black children are taking their lives at 2x the rate of white childr… []

Mark Anthony Neal [NewBlackMan]
The Only African American Female Stockbroker On The New York Stock Exchange []

BBC News Africa [BBCAfrica]
Scores of Ethiopians drown off Yemen coast []

Zemedeneh Negatu [Zemedeneh]

#Ethiopia 6 months ago had access to only 1 seaport, Djibouti. Since then it has successfully secured access to Ass… []

True Black Power [trueblackpower]
Study: Voting Precincts with More Black Voters Have Longer Wait Times Because of Fewer Machines, Workers… []

Chris Evans [notcapnamerica]
White people: watch the Starbucks arrest video. See the white folks arguing with the police and asking why two inn… []

Mike Green [amikegreen2]
Minneapolis Mayor Unveils Plan to Undo History of Segregation []

The Black Detour [theblackdetour]
Tulsa race riot took place between May 31 and June 1, 1921, when a white mob attacked residents and businesses of t… []

Philip Lewis [Phil_Lewis_]
The massacre that destroyed America’s wealthiest Black neighborhood began 97 years ago on this date in Tulsa, one o… []

Smithsonian NMAAHC [NMAAHC]
Today in 1921, the deadliest racial massacre in U.S. history began in the thriving Greenwood African American commu… []

BlackInformant [BlackInformant]
After a Black female postmaster was wrongly pressured out of her post in Mississippi in 1902, President Theodore Ro… []

Crimes of Britain [crimesofbrits]
Farmers in India were forced to grow opium instead of food crops. Millions starved to death for Britain’s drugs tra… []

Mark Anthony Neal [NewBlackMan]
On the Kidnapped African Boy Who Became a German Philosopher [] via @lithub

bankbryan [bankbryan]
“What’s still popular from different periods in history is almost never the obvious choice. Accolades, Grammys, and… []

Left of Black [LeftOfBlack]
This Black Newspaper Archive Is Bringing All Of Its Records On Black History Online, For Free [] via @blavity

Mark Anthony Neal [NewBlackMan]
Why Americans Invented the RV | Essay | Zócalo Public Square []

Other Ireland / Ruth [RuthieFizz]
Two things about Wombats:

1) Larger than you’d expect
2) Literally shit bricks []

Rachel Parent [RachelsNews]
Genetically-modified salmon is now in Canada, but no one will say where [] unethical #cdnpoli

Open Culture [openculture]
Two Million Wondrous Nature Illustrations Put Online by The Biodiversity Heritage Library [] []

Tara [taraw]
Devastated to hear that #ArethaFranklin the Queen of Soul and Music has passed. All of my musical heroes are leavin… []

Noël Gardner [noelcamille]
Theaster Gates leaves DuSable Museum board – Consumer News – Crain’s Chicago Business [] via… []

#WOMENSART [womensart1]
Mae Morgan, 90-year-old Navajo master weaver #womensart []

Stereo Williams [stereo_williams]
If you need reminders that the music industry ain’t shit, remember:
The Jacksons had to give up their original name… []

Lost & Found [CUNYPoetics]
Fri, May 18 “A TRIBUTE TO JUNE JORDAN” an exploration of the legendary teacher, activist, & poet’s life, work, & le… []

Mark Anthony Neal [NewBlackMan]
Netflix is finally getting serious about building a library of African movies and shows [] via @qzafrica

Black Art Project [BlackArtProject]
“I Wanted to Make Art that Told a Story”: Alison Saar on Her Eloquent Sculptures. [] Image:… []

hyperallergic [hyperallergic]
After retiring as a professor of American history from Princeton University, Nell Painter embarked on a new chapter… []

LESD [LESDSchools]
Our @PS_ARTS Teacher @JuneCarol_E currently has an art show @LAMAGBarnsdall Check it out! #ArtsEd []

the kinte space [KinteSpace]
L.A. gave local artists [ @JuneCarol_E ] $10,000 to create work. An exhibition at Barnsdall Art Park shows off what… []

The Shadow League [ShadowLeagueTSL]
The great Charlie Murphy passed away one year ago today. Let’s always remember the man who taught us to not be a “h… []

the kinte space [KinteSpace]
In just 7 months, the US public domain will get its first infusion since 1998 []

soulPhoodie [soulphoodie]
The Oldest Black-Owned Restaurant in the U.S. — In Business For More Than 100 Years! [] []

virgo season! [mxdkays]
my mom has been complaining about how hard it is to find this specific ethiopian spice she doesn’t know the english… []

Amy Charlotte Kean [keano81]
I feel like this might be a bit much, even for East London []

Josh Myers [ddehewty]
Please don’t ask me to write no thinkpiece. We have thought about this every day for the last “400 years.” Read and… []

the kinte space [KinteSpace]

@ddehewty One of the earliest gangsta mogul songs said “I hang with my dogs, man // f*ck a gorilla”… []

Ma$on [FirstGentleman]
The “Black people should just build their own” never takes into account all the times when Black folks did build th… []

Nation State of Mind [OmowaleAfrika]
The Hip Hop Mogul/ Black Hollywood elite generation is by far the most dangerous class of black people, white supre… []

TheBlackProtector [_BlackProtector]
Black people tonight is the perfect time to admit to ourselves:

White people defeated us in 1994

They still own o… []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite]

@BreeNewsome This is an excellent observation that is not repeated to young people enough. The seduction out there… []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite]

@taraw The Rick James sketch is finery of screen history. It was funny but effortless with its emb… []

the kinte space [KinteSpace]
Young bruh, the traditional, wisdom-based cultures of Africa were designed to produce the happiest and the healthie… []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite]

@KinteSpace I definitely remember reading somewhere in college (over 30 yrs ago) that African infants in the 1950s… []

Simon Kuestenmacher [simongerman600]
The Norwegian flag is the Swiss Army knife of flags: It contains six other flags! []

悲 🇮🇶⛓ [Fawzibruh]
I hate when I tell people I’m from Iraq and they’re like “oh cool my *insert family member here* served there!” Lik… []

Ava DuVernay [AVAETC] “For months, the city of Chicago has fought attempts to have the video released to the public.” #LaquanMcDonald []

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not free [blacklikewho] As soon as the words diverse and diversity are deployed, you should know Black people will be disappeared from the story.

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Rafael de Azevedo [TipoTipos] Punctuation that failed to make it’s mark, on 20th century attempts to introduce new characters to english writing []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] White Supremacists shoot 5 Black Lives Matter Activists during a Protest in Minneapolis []

Lukas Udstuen [LukasUdstuen] Demonstrators with Black Lives Matter march down 3rd Ave South in downtown Minneapolis #4thPrecinctShutDown []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Eyewitness Recalls Shooting by Alleged White Supremacists at Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Protest []

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the kinte space [KinteSpace] Until racial profiling stops, the internet has an edge over the mall []

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Obi and Titi [ObiandTiti] Bringing African history to life, through fantasy adventure. Book trailer – The Adventures of Obi and Titi. #kidslit []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] a young lady of Melbourne on COWSPIRACY [] @OvercookedVegan @sweetpotatosoul

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the kinte space [KinteSpace] Via @nprmusic: 100 Years Of Billy Strayhorn, Emotional Architect Of Song []

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Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] How MacArthur Geniuses Handle Their Money Windfalls

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Cold Molasses [LocsiBrown] My new favorite sweatshirt. []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] player, player? @megafunkmega