BBC Africa [BBCAfrica] One of the world’s leading investigators into the illegal trade in ivory and rhino horn has been killed in Kenya.… []

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Neither shook hands with the opposing QB o… []

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This is no slight. Only James Baldwin is James Baldwin, who in my o… []

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THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU. STICK TO THE CODE. ♠💀🇳🇬 [JohnnyACE562] Niggas don’t wanna be Pro-Black because it involves putting the collective group above themselves. That’s why they… []

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Africa Facts [affricanfacts] “The biggest evil done to Africa was not the slave trade or colonization, but the systematic programming of the mental faculty of Africans.”

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Mark Anthony Neal [NewBlackMan][]

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Chuck D [MrChuckD] RIP King Of Rock And Roll Mr Chuck Berry. On Behalf of @PublicEnemyFTP and @prophetsofrage it was fitting for me to… []

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the kinte space [KinteSpace] young bruh and unemployment:

blessed is man
who profit not
from the kingdom
of the ungodly

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